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Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 Wikimedia Logo Brandmark.png

This is the Wikimedia brandmark. It's used by some chapters and the Wikimedia Foundation. It’s got a friendly non-gendered vaguely human shape on it. The human looks to be raising their arms in celebration. It’s consistent with the joy of the Wikimedia movement as a whole. These are good things. They evoke the joy that people feel in using the movement's projects to give humans around the globe a hand in writing their own story in their own voice.


Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Logo Main.png

Originally designed in 2005 by Neolux, the mark that identifies the Wikimedia Foundation consists of a circular logo and a wordmark. The mark is intended to signify a character holding an open book. The font, Montserrat, is used to construct both the title and the descriptor of the mark.

The Foundation’s name is spelled out in a nice, wide, easy-to-read-and-translate typeface. And it’s an open source typeface! That’s pretty Sweet.


We designed this to be open to constant evolution. Because that's what our brand is about. We have a few suggestions we encourage everyone to follow to keep the brand and logo consistent. The more consistent we are, the easier it is for everyone to recognise our work and understand what our mission. Consistency is about maintaining familiar concepts. Reusing common patterns and concepts enables people all over the world to access the good feelings our mission imparts.

  • Keep the relationship of the shape and the text the same.
  • Keep the font in Montserrat (it’s a font licensed under a free, libre and open-source license!)
  • Try and keep the shape the same.


The logo consists of the Brandmark and the Logotype, and exists in one horizontal version and one vertical version. There will be instances where one of the versions works better than the other, depending on the format and context.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 Wikimedia Logo Versions.png


The logo comes in black and white. That makes it flexible and easy to use in different situations. This also goes for the brandmark.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 -Wikimedia logo versions black.png

Horizontal black


Vertical black

or view on Commons

Wikimedia logo versions white.png

Horizontal white

or view on Commons

Vertical white

or view on Commons

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 Wikimedia Logo Color-Brandmark.png

Black mark

or view on Commons

White mark

or view on Commons


There should always be sufficient space surrounding the logo to avoid competition with other elements and to maintain its visual impact. The recommended clear space is relative to the small circle in the brand mark, and is 1x the height of the circle. Try to allow at least this amount of clear space — it will help give the logo clarity.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Logo Clear-space.png


The official mark of the Wikimedia Foundation has an optimal minimum size specification. To ensure clean and legible lettering and art detail, the width of the mark should not be smaller than 12mm (.5in, 36px).

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 Wikimedia Logo Size.png


Most importantly, the logo should always be placed with sufficient clear space in a spot where it is clearly visible and readable, and in harmony with other elements. The top left and bottom left corners are the preferred positions, however you may also place the logo in the top right or bottom right corners, depending on what works best in the specific context. You may also place the logo on top of images or solid colors as long as there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Logo Placement.png

The recommendations for placement of the logo also apply for the brandmark.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 Wikimedia Logo Placement-Brandmark.png

Logo misuse

Intentional or unintentional misuse of our brand marks, logos and assets diminishes ability to be recognized as a connected global movement. While we can’t keep anyone from doing any of these things, we would rather they didn’t.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Logo Donts.png



Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 Wikimedia Logo Chapter.png

Wikimedia chapters are national or sub-national not-for-profit organisations created to promote the interests of Wikimedia projects locally.

Some Wikimedia Chapter logos use the same design as the Wikimedia Foundation logo, replacing the word FOUNDATION with the chapter name. The subline can be localised (e.g. name of the country in the relevant language/languages). It can consist of one or more lines and can be written in the relevant script/ideograms. The WIKIMEDIA part of the logo will not be localised. Organizations that wish to use this design must get an approval from the Wikimedia Foundation by contacting


Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Logo Chapters.png

Wikimedia user groups are independent organizations of people who care about the Wikimedia movement. Many of these affiliates or groups have created their own unique logos or adapted the free to use Community logo to indicate their connection to the movement, specific Wikimedia projects or their thematic interests.

The Community logo was first uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by WarX in December 2006 as part of a set of icons to complement the official Wikimedia logos for use in non–official activities of the Wikimedia community.


Re-users of the official identities may face situations where the Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation identities appear side by side. A certain proportion and amount of space should be maintained when the Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation marks are displayed side-by-side.

The Wikipedia width and Wikimedia Foundation height must be identical to one another. The minimum clear space between them must be at least half of the width of the puzzle mark.

The marks must be featured on a white background and must bottom align.

In situations where the two marks or identities (or additional Wikimedia project identities) appear on the same page, but not side by side, then these guidelines may not apply (for example, when the Wikimedia Foundation identity is being used to brand or indicate an official publication about Wikipedia).

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Logo Wikimedia-Wikipedia.png