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تبادل للقدرات

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تبادل القدرات (CapX) هو مشروع يركز على المناهج العالمية لتنمية المهارات المحلية داخل حركة ويكيميديا ​​ومن أجلها. وهو ينشئ منصة اجتماعية تقنية للتواصل بين الأقران وتبادل المعرفة لتمكين بناء القدرات المجتمعية بشكل مستدام.

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حل اجتماعي تقني

The project aims to create a methodology and service: a structure for mutual skills development globally, regionally, and locally. The intended interactive, online platform will enable Wikimedians to publish information about themselves, their affiliates, and informal groups. They will also be able to conduct searches, access information, and to connect with each other in a way that reflects the Wiki's spirit and the Wikimedia Movement Strategy.

Project Background

The project began in 2021. The first phase (2021–2022) was led by a voluntary working group of mostly European-based Wikimedians, who designed the concept, taxonomy, and pilot platform for the initiative. In 2022, the project started to scale and trans-localize its activities, outreaching to groups from emergent communities of the Global South.

The initiative’s second phase (2023–2025) is coordinated by a Team located with Wiki Movimento Brasil, supported by an international Advisory Committee, and funded by a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant.

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