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Fundraising 2011/Thank You Mail/map-bms

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Dear [first name]

Rika pancen luar biasa, matur nuwun Rika uwis gelem melu nyumbang maring Wikimedia Foundation!

Pancen kaya kiye carane Wikimedia Foundation mbayari tagihane -- sekang wong-wong kaya Rika kiye, sing gelem nyumbang limang dolar, rong puluh dolar, satus dolar. Sumbangan sing paling Inyong senengi yakuwe sumbangan taun wingi sing jumlaeh limang pound sekang bocah wadon cilik nang Inggris, sing njaluk tulung wong tuwane nggo nyumbangna duit jajane. Pancen wong-wong kaya Rika kiye, bareng karo bocah cilik mau, sing nggawe Wikipedia bisa langgeng gole nyediakna informasi sing bebas, gratis, gampang dibuka, kanggo kabeh wong sadonya. Kanggo kabeh wong sing uwis melu ngrewangi nyumbang, sepisan maning inyong matur nuwun.

I know it's easy to ignore our appeals, and I'm glad that you didn't. Sekang inyong, lan uga puluhan ewu sukarelawan sing nulis nang Wikipedia:matur nuwun uwis nulung inyong nggo nggawe donya kiye panggonan sing lewih apik. Inyong bakal nggunakna duit sumbangan kiye ati-ati, lan inyong matur nuwun maring Rika sing uwis percaya maring Wikimedia Foundation.

Sue Gardner
Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director

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