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Grants:Project/Kaspo/Editathons in Pistoia district

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Editathons in Pistoia district
summaryEditathons in Pistoia district
targetitalian wikipedia
type of grantoffline programs and events
type of applicantindividual
this project needs...
created on17:20, 27 November 2018 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

What problem are you trying to solve by doing this project? This problem should be small enough that you expect it to be completely or mostly resolved by the end of this project. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

Wiki Loves Monuments is a project facing difficulties in Italy because Italy is one of the few countries where the right to panorama is not granted by the local legislation and there are furthermore other restrictions imposed by the legislation related to cultural heritage. For this reason it is necessary to request prior authorisation to upload photographs of the monuments with a licence compatible with Wikimedia Commons. Although we have a huge monumental heritage, the participants in the competition can only take pictures of a small fraction of it.

As explained in other grant requests, this year Tuscany has experienced a tenfold explosion of uploading activities for WLM. This makes the event in our region comparable to a national event of a medium-sized nation. This comes from a very close-knit collaboration amongst local members that started in Spring and proved its success at last year's event in San Romano in Garfagnana.

Even not considering the photos of the main uploaders, there was a boom in participation. In 2018 we had 111 uploaders total with 11,006 pictures uploaded. Even not counting the 4,487 and 3,988 of Sailko and Mongolo1984, there were 2,531 photos by smaller uploaders. In 2017 we had 35 total uploaders with 1098 total photos (of which 201 smaller photo uploaders). Clearly Tuscany has made a major leap forward and must create a basis for next year if we want this transformation to be lasting. A useful way of guaranteeing continuity is to go on organising events in territory.

In Tuscany we have a gap between the results of Wiki Loves Monuments and the actual coverage of certain topic on Wikipedia. This is mostly related to the fact that local users are increasingly Wikidata and Commons-oriented. One example is this year's WLM winner.

In addition to that, we also have a very fragmented presence in the local authorities that we are trying to strengthen. Interaction events, such as activities in the libraries or museums and events for OpenStreetMap and Wiki Loves Monuments, have been rather limited so far. However the experience of 2018 in Pistoia showed a new model of users interaction, with a very intensive focus on a territory.

This grant is a way to get a complete deep-level coverage in one specific area in order to trigger long-term result. Since we are a tourist region, we want to propose an approach focused on many different platforms and language editions. This year a core group of Tuscan volunteers contacted a lot of local authorities for WLM. We focused on the Pistoia district (Provincia di Pistoia). In this area we now have a lot of contacts with town councils and museums. We want to create follow-up initiatives to consolidate these relationships.

Pistoia can become an example to be exported to the others 9 districts in Tuscany. Therefore we are willing to repeat the work done in 2018 in the Pistoia district in others areas. This is a table with the number of municipalities divided by district, the number of municipalities with at least one monument freed and the number of freed monuments. Usually the monuments are cared for by the municipality but it is not always the case. Municipalities are easier to contact and convince to join the contest than other subjects. Therefore this data is provided as a general reference. In any case there are municipalities, for instance Florence, which have just one freed monument, authorised by an entity other than the municipality. In Italy we have a lot of artworks in churches but at the moment less than ten dioceses joined WLM with all their churches. In the rest of Italy the situation is not better. In the municipalities which joined the WLM there are other monuments to be freed. They can help us to convince private owners and other GLAM institutions in their territory to join.

Of course not every monument can have an article in the Italian Wikipedia.

Discrict # Municipalities # Municipalities with at least a monument freed # Monuments freed
Arezzo 36 7 50
Firenze 44 17 85
Grosseto 28 10 51
Livorno 19 3 16
Lucca 33 7 46
Massa and Carrara 17 0 0
Pisa 37 9 60
Pistoia 20 18 208
Prato 7 3 22
Siena 35 8 80

How we see Pistoia is in a good situation rather others districts. Anyway also the municipalities in Pistoia district yet monuments freed have others places could be freed in the future.

The diocese of Pescia is celebrating this year the 500th anniversary. For this celebration we want to dedicate to write about churches in this diocese in Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata in particular. We yet started partnership freeing some their monuments and we want to go on demanding them to open us their archives.

Our partners in Pistoia district[edit]

In the last year we started a lot of contacts with partners in Pistoia district, in addition to those we already had. This is the list.

Municipal councils[edit]

  • Abetone Cutigliano
  • Buggiano
  • Chiesina Uzzanese
  • Lamporecchio
  • Larciano
  • Marliana
  • Massa e Cozzile
  • Monsummano Terme
  • Montecatini Terme
  • Pescia
  • Pieve a Nievole
  • Pistoia
  • Ponte Buggianese
  • Quarrata
  • Sambuca Pistoiese
  • San Marcello Piteglio
  • Serravalle Pistoiese
  • Uzzano


  • Museo della Gente dell'Appenino Pistoiese
  • Museo di San Michele
  • Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti
  • Museo ferrucciano di Gavinana
  • Museo Boldini Macchiaioli
  • Museo della carta

Libraries and archives[edit]

  • Biblioteca San Giorgio
  • Archivio storico di Serravalle pistoiese
  • Biblioteca Eden

Others partners[edit]

  • Pro loco Montecatini Alto (association promotes Montecatini Alto town)
  • Stamperia Benedetti (storic printshop)
  • VIVAL Banca (local bank)
  • Banca di Pescia e Cascina (local bank)
  • Pescia il tuo paese (internet site promotes Pescia town)
  • Terme di Montecatini (Montecatini thermal baths)
  • Diocese of Pescia

What is your solution?[edit]

For the problem you identified in the previous section, briefly describe your how you would like to address this problem. We recognize that there are many ways to solve a problem. We’d like to understand why you chose this particular solution, and why you think it is worth pursuing. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

We want to organize a serie of editathons on the place with expert Wikipedians to consult the sources directly and consult local expert who can help you to fill in the articles. We want to carry on this work for 6 months online.

The first event is the biggest. This lasts a week-end and there will be also wikipedians from out of Tuscany. The last year in Editathon in Fortezza delle Verrucole the main acting wikimedians in Tuscany met for 4 days. In addition to editing, we consolidated the group and was able to discuss events and future participation. We can say that was the first big tuscan meeting. We hope the old participants return in this event because they was very glad of the event and they told me they wanted to do it again.

Screenshot Pageviews Analysis about article "Fortezza delle Verrucole" in italian Wikipedia in 2017
Screenshot Pageviews Analysis about article "Fortezza delle Verrucole" in italian Wikipedia in 2018

The views of articles about Fortezza delle Verrucole in Wikipedias have had a considerable increase after the winning in WLM 2017 and after our editathon. How we see in graphs, the spikes are in December (winners announcement), in June (our editathon) and in August (holiday time). In 2017 the daily pageview was 12, in 2018 is 23, the double.

Thanks also to this result it was in part easier to involve the municipalities in WLM in 2018.

Project goals[edit]

What are your goals for this project? Your goals should describe the top two or three benefits that will come out of your project. These should be benefits to the Wikimedia projects or Wikimedia communities. They should not be benefits to you individually. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

  1. Growing partnership with GLAM istitutions and municipalities in Pistoia district.
  2. Improving sightseeings articles in Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and Wikivoyage in Pistoia district.
  3. Improving the community atmosphere and friendliness and strengthening the community cohesion in tuscan wikipedians.
  4. Be a model for the other districts in Tuscany for next years.
  5. Giving value to Wiki loves monuments in Tuscany and increasing partecipants (istitutions, wikipedians, photographers) in the next years.

In detail we propose:

  • strengthening the community and participation in the local area and not just the local one
  • fostering the sentiment of solidarity and communion through moments of dialogue between the participants in which each one will be confronted
  • increasing the WikiMedian community and the entire wiki universe and attract new participants to the projects and cultural activities related to the wiki and the various cultural worlds.
  • all this will be a hotbed of new ideas and ideas to implement even new initiatives
  • developing a strategic synergy among the different people, capable of developing cultural growth and a new participation
  • encouraging the knowledge of the philosophy of free knowledge and free culture and the philosophy of free software in which it also finds its origin
  • thus strengthening the link on the current projects, implementing a better knowledge of the same and between the operators of the different interesting cultural sectors and interested in new ones.
  • Dialectic moments will be useful, those of edithaton, the collection of all those materials, photographs and sources available on site, in the territory, in libraries and museums, establishing useful contacts to implement future synergies between the wiki world and territorial cultural realities or cultural world
  • It will be very useful to get know some of our projects to the public, through their publicity and communication to external participants in the days and events.
  • The care taken will lead to the improvement and improvement of existing items with the achievement of the objective of a higher quality and accuracy of the existing.
  • We also propose to increase the encyclopedic voices with new ones that were not yet present, as well as photographic documentation accompanying them.
  • In the final result a global improvement of the existing, greater participation and dissemination aimed at creating attraction and interest and involvement and the wiki community and new subjects that will be interested and brought to face the ethics of free knowledge.

Project impact[edit]

How will you know if you have met your goals?[edit]

For each of your goals, we’d like you to answer the following questions:

  1. During your project, what will you do to achieve this goal? (These are your outputs.)
  2. Once your project is over, how will it continue to positively impact the Wikimedia community or projects? (These are your outcomes.)

For each of your answers, think about how you will capture this information. Will you capture it with a survey? With a story? Will you measure it with a number? Remember, if you plan to measure a number, you will need to set a numeric target in your proposal (e.g. 45 people, 10 articles, 100 scanned documents). Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.


Goal 1[edit]

We want to develop the network of contacts we have in Pistoia district. The most important is the San Giorgio library, we collaborate with it since 2017. In 2018 we have organize many Wikimedia events, we want to carry on in 2019. The events of this grant we want to organize in al least 3 new GLAM partners. Get the archive of Diocese of Pescia would be a great outcome. We have full support of local authorities of Municipaly of Pescia after the results of WLM 2018. Pescia will be the seat of the next ceremony award WLM Tuscany in 2019.

Goal 2[edit]

For the results on Wikimedia projects we refer to our editathon in Verrucole in 2018. We was 11 people and we made 7 new articles in Wikipedias (different language versions), 3 articles improved and 1 article in Wikivoyage.

A realistic goal is if we moltiplicate this results for 10 times because we will be 20 people (the double) and the events are 5. We will increase the quality, visibility, and number of articles about Pistoia district by organising 5 editathon offline and a 6 months editathon online that will create at least:

  • 70 new articles in Wikipedias,
  • improve 30 articles in Wikipedias,
  • 10 new articles in Wikivoyages.

Enhancement and creation of articles will involve adding neutral, accurate details about contextual significance and key works; ensuring that articles are included and easily locatable under appropriate lists/categories; and including citations to authoritative recent sources. We will bring high-quality, cutting-edge research to bear on Wikipedia articles about Pistoia distric by recruiting the help of approximately 10 experts in these topics. These specialists will be trained to ensure that all articles they touch meet the highest standards of reliability and verifiability, so that Wikipedia users can benefit from their expertise – particularly in locating the best up-to-date open access sources for articles.

Goal 3[edit]

This year to measure the satisfaction of partecipants we're going to do a survey for editathon partecipants.

Goal 4[edit]

Repeat the Pistoia model in other districts in the future year. In 2019 alone we want 400 monuments from at least 40 municipalities in Tuscany to join WLM. We also hope every municipality in Pistoia district will join (only two were missing in 2018). The volunteer organisers of WLM in Tuscany are committed to reach this goal whatever the outcome of this grant request.

Goal 5[edit]

Measure for success of WLM is not easy. In 2018 the success of Tuscany group in WLM is glaring because 38% of pictures in Italian contest was from our region (the regions in Italy are 20). Also the quality is good because we had 4 of 10 pictures in top ten. The number of pictures in 2018 grows from 2531 to 11,006 (+434%) and from 35 to 111 photographers (+317%). We are near the saturation so the goal is just growing 20% (pictures and photographers) in 2019. We have a new format for wikigite and we hope to involve new people in order to get know monuments and Wikimedia projects. Usually we have troubles to join us these tours 10 people. In our next 5 wikigite we want al least 20 participants each tour, also by advertising online.


Goal 1[edit]

We want to organize events (editathons, conferences, lessons) in the next years in our old and new GLAM partners.

Goal 2[edit]

Once our project is over, we hope that at least 2 of the experts who were new to Wikipedia will continue to remain active contributors, editing and updating sites (especially should new or better sources become available). In general, we will increase awareness about the importance of Wikimedia participation throughout our networks. Even those who do not participate themselves will find out more about the structures that make Wikipedia articles so reliable, and about the importance of contributing to greater knowledge equity. Like the Fortezza dell Verrucole article we hope the pageviews grow about monuments in Pistoia district and, but we haven't tools to measure, the artistic tourism in zone.

Goal 3[edit]

We hope the participating this project excite old wikipedians to edit more in next months and new wikipedians start to write new articles.

Goal 4[edit]

If this project will be successufully we can repeat in other zones in Tuscany.

Goal 5[edit]

Unfortunately, many photographers upload photos only for WLM, we hope to change this trend. In any case, the photos they upload will remain on Commons and invite others to create new sub-categories and new photos.

Other details about goals output[edit]

  • the diocese of Pescia is celebrating this year the 500th anniversary. We plan to categorize all the missing religious buildings on the territory on wikidata and wikimedia commons. Last year we created and update circa 30 items, we assume based on preliminary talk that 40 more are missing (e.g. chapels or minor churches) in the area. All wikidata items should be created, possibly 10 articles of monuments property of the diocese or the related parishes should be written at least in italian ;
  • The hamlets of Montecatini Alto host at least 3-4 cultural heritage sites that were not transcribed. Thank to the cooperation of the local tourist office, all items on wikidata should be improved and the articles created. 5 wikipedia articles related to the hamlet of Montectini Alto should be improved or created;
  • At least one of the municipalities in the northern part of the province ("the mountain area": Abetone-Cutigliano, San Marcello Piteglio, Marliana, Sambuca Pistoiese) should host a wikigita because they missed all activities in 2017.
  • At least one of the municipalities in the northern part of the province ("south-west": Quarrata, Larciano, Lamporecchio) should host a wikigita because they missed all organized activities in 2017.
  • the municipalities in the Eastern part (Agliana and Montale) did not took part to WLM 2017. We should host an edit a thon specific to that area there or in Pistoia, creating at least 10 wikidata items even if the might not take part to WLM also in 2019
  • the monuments of the diocese of Pistoia were not included in WLM2018. We have no direct contact, but we could improve the coverage of at least 10 minor churches missing in the area on wikidata
  • all the articles of the three sites of the four regional finalists of WLM2018 should be improved or created in Italian and at least in English. They include the
    • gipsoteca Libero Andreotti
    • Terme Tettuccio
    • hamlet of Massa (not the main town in the province of Massa and Carrara)

Do you have any goals around participation or content?[edit]

Are any of your goals related to increasing participation within the Wikimedia movement, or increasing/improving the content on Wikimedia projects? If so, we ask that you look through these three metrics, and include any that are relevant to your project. Please set a numeric target against the metrics, if applicable. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

  • Total participants: 20 people each event
  • New users: at least 2 new registered users each event
  • Experts about topic: at least 10 for all events.

Project plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing? What will you have done at the end of your project? How will you follow-up with people that are involved with your project?

We want to organize 5 editathons offline in Pistoia district about monuments, sightseeings, museums, local history in zone. The biggest event will be the first. This will be a week end in May or June and we wait at least 20 participants, half out of Tuscany and half from Tuscany.

The other 4 will be on Sundays and we wait just people from Tuscany. In each these events there will be a tour for everybody to visit monuments participating in WLM. This is an occasion to involve photographers and other people who are not wikipedians.

In each editathon we invite at least 5 experts about topics we're going to edit. The experts will help wikipedians to write the articles and will find the correct references. The experts are included in 20 participants in each event.

After these 5 editathons we organize a presentation at the end of August, before next WLM edition, we'll show the results to a broader public in a public event. We'll invite the GLAMs previously involved but also new GLAM istitutions and municipalities in Tuscany to explain the advantages of Wikimedia projects and WLM contest. Wikipedians and local press will also be invited.

All the places will be offered us for free by our institutional partners we had in Pistoia district. So we don't need to pay rent for any event in this project.

From the first editathon until the final presentation we'll go on with editing online. I, Luca Landucci, – or an other volunteer I'll choose – will coordinate the work among the wikipedians. We need another volunteer takes care social networks and online advertising in order to show the results during all period.

Recap: 1 week-end editathon, 4 one-day editathons, 1 final presentation, many online editathons.

First editathon[edit]

The first editathon will be the biggest event. It lasts 4 days so we need accommodation for 20 participants. Anyway it is possible join it just for one day. In adding to edit Wikipedia this event is important in order to consolidate the group of Tuscan people and plan during the pauses future activities in our region, like we did last year during the Verrucole editathon.

The forecast about partecipants:

  • 10 wikipedians from Tuscany,
  • 5 wikipedians from out of Tuscany
  • 5 local experts about topics

Four days is a heavy commitment so for this reason we could not find every wikipedian in our region. Anyway in order to cut the costs we prefer pay the transfers to nearer wikipedians rather who comes from others regions.

We need to go inside the place we're editing because the sources are available only in local libraries and because we need local expert help us.

A 4 days event has more impact in local press and social networks than a one day event.

Facilitating the wikipedians paying for them accommodation and meals is a useful way to focus their attention online on the content creation. We'd like also new wikipedians to come who haven't joined previous events.

The main edit-a-thon would probably be in the area of Pescia and Uzzano. it's possible a new location will be proposed but this two neighboring town show the highest chance to organize a functional gatherings. We have full support of local authorities after the results of WLM2018. Pescia will be the seat of the next ceremony award in 2019.

Day Activity
Day 1
1 Thursday Welcome
2 Thursday Press conference presentation Editathons in Pistoia district
3 Thursday Dinner
Day 2
1 Friday Breakfast
2 Friday Presentation to school students of Wikimedia projects
2 Friday Tour
3 Friday Lunch
4 Friday Editathon
5 Friday Dinner
6 Friday Night editathon
Day 3
1 Saturday Breakfast
2 Saturday Tour
2 Saturday Mapping for OSM
3 Saturday Lunch
4 Saturday Editathon
5 Saturday Dinner
6 Saturday Night editathon
Day 4
1 Sunday Breakfast
2 Sunday Editathon
3 Sunday Lunch
4 Sunday Editathon

4 follow-up events[edit]

Every event will be in different place in Pistoia district, in order to involve new wikipedians with more focused targets.

We offert lunch and travel reimbursement to partecipants.

At the beginning a brief Wikipedia presentation will be suggested. Later we edit, expert wikipedians will act as tutors for newcomers, especially for expert in topics that we recruited. In the afternoon a tourist guide will present the local sightseeings. In these tours we also aim to involve photographers for WLM.

Usually such free tours, called wikigite, are scheduled mostly in September with just few days in advanced decided. With a calendar with months in advance we can improve the participation and move them also to the early months of summer.

The tours in the afternoon are better than in the morning because on Sunday's afternoon people have more free time.

wikigite have usually targeted photographers since they are related to the WLM photo competition. We think that professional and semiphotographers who want to win the contest go to take the pictures alone and they don't need a guide tour. Therefore, such wikigite have to aim at a wider generic target in order to present not just the WLM contest but also all the wikimedia projects.

Day Activity
Sunday editathons
1 Morning Wikipedia/Wikimedia presentation
2 Morning Editathon
2 Morning Wikipedia tutoring
3 Noon Lunch
4 Afternoon Editathon
4 Afternoon Wikipedia tutoring
5 Afternoon tour

Online editathon[edit]

Every partecipants in editathon offline will be encouraged to complete the articles in editathons online. Of course everybody can join it. This work online will be coordinate by a volonteer (probably me, Luca Landucci). One o more volonteers will carry on tutoring online for the topic expert ( local historians, libriarians, art historians). These experts will be al least 10.

School training[edit]

Proposal of training courses on Wikimedia projects aimed at middle and high schools throughout the province of Pistoia, even with the contribution of some contacts already active with various local municipalities. The goal is either spreading the knowledge of the basic operations of Wikimedia and Wikivoyage and improving the related articles in the area of interest


How you will use the funds you are requesting? List bullet points for each expense. (You can create a table later if needed.) Don’t forget to include a total amount, and update this amount in the Probox at the top of your page too!

Expense type Description Number Unit price Total Amount (EUR)
1 Accommodation breakfast + lunch + dinner + single room for 4 days, 3 nights 20 186 3720 €
2 Travel Travel tickets or refund travel expenses by car (the average per participant is 100 EUR) 20 100 2000 €
3 kit t-shirt, pin, block notes, bag 25 20 500 €
4 Transfers Shuttle activities (location survey, bringing participants without cars to excursions or to train station) 200 €
3 Advertising Advertising in Facebook, Twitter, Adsense 100 100 €
Total for 1st event
6520 €

Expense type Description Number Unit price Total Amount (EUR)
1 Tourist guide 1 50 50 €
2 Travel Travel tickets or refund travel expenses by car (the average per participant is 25 EUR) 20 25 500 €
3 Advertising Advertising in Facebook, Twitter, Adsense 50 50 €
4 Meals Lunch 20 15 300 €
Total for each follow-up events
900 €
Total for 4 follow-up events
3600 €

I have 34.90 euro of Remaining funds of Verrucole editathon.

Total amount requested from Event Grants program: 10,085.10 €

There are no fixed costs and every cost is in according to the participants. I think this point is very important. The whole project has a high grade of scalability because every cost is a reimbursement for partecipantion. The total amount represents the expense if we reach the maximum capacity of participants. This number is a prediction based on the human resources that now we have in organizers and in wikipedians in region.

Community engagement[edit]

Community input and participation helps make projects successful. How will you let others in your community know about your project? Why are you targeting a specific audience? How will you engage the community you’re aiming to serve during your project?

I will write about this project in Wikimedia mailing-lists (Italy and Tuscany), in the discussion pages on the projects and directly to wikipedian friends. Of course I'm going to contact the participants of the last year event.

Get involved[edit]


Please use this section to tell us more about who is working on this project. For each member of the team, please describe any project-related skills, experience, or other background you have that might help contribute to making this idea a success.

Last year we had 11 participants, it is a good result if you think we had just 15 days before the confirm of event with the grant. This year if we'll have the confirm in March we can get a big result spreading the news about this event in italian wikipedia community.

This year we have more experience and more months to organize this project.


  • User:kaspo. I'm the main organizer of the project. Main tasks: organization of transfers, accomodations, locations, reimbursements, tours, recruitments wikipedians, experts and newcomers. Overview of wikipedia content creation in 1-day activities.

* User:Alexmar983 Main tasks: coordinates activity especially in Pescia and Montecatini Alto (strong contact with the municipalities). I will insert new wikidata items in Pescia and Montecatini Alto, cooperate with the toursit board of Montecatini for the local museum to Carlo Pedretti.

* User:Giaccai Main tasks: the contact with the diocese of Pescia and the cultural heritage under its direct ownership and of its parishes.

  • User:Dap78 Main tasks recruitment new wikipedians in schools in Pistoia district presenting them Wikimedia projects during 2019.
  • Ettorre: old Wikipedian, since 2003. Blogger, since 2003. In 2004, I organized the first Italian and European conference of wikipedia, in Genoa, European Capital of Culture. I have organized other conferences, over several years. In 2005, I was one of the founders of Wikimedia Italia. Member and coordinator of Liguria for Wikimedia Italia. Passions: culture, arts, music, media, tech, human rights, software, social impact, freedom culture, freedom press. I live in Genoa, where was born. Volunteer .

Participants in the editathons[edit]

Include below your signature if you think you'll write in Pistoia district topics (online or offline)

  • Ettorre, 17:54, 23 December 2018
  • --Kaspo (talk) 17:25, 23 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Dap78 (talk) 17:29, 23 December 2018 (UTC)
  • --Assianir (talk) 07:31, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • --Ruislip Gardens (talk) 06:30, 29 December 2018 (UTC)
  • --Archeolucia (talk) 14:15, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
  • --DnaX (talk) 13:40, 9 January 2019 (UTC) I will help on mapping (and train how to map) in OpenStreetMap the nearby area and connect wikidata items to OSM
  • Alexmar983 mainly related to my part in the organization.

There are no fixed costs and every cost is proportional to the actual participants. So the risks that the project fails due to lack of participants does not exist. The costs are proportional to the participants so money of grant will be not wasted anyway. The only risk is that we will not use all money but in this case we will return it.

Community notification[edit]

Please paste links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions. You are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal, so that they can help you! Depending on your project, notification may be most appropriate on a Village Pump, talk page, mailing list, etc. Need notification tips?


Do you think this project should be selected for a Project Grant? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project below! (Other constructive feedback is welcome on the discussion page).

  • Support Support it's a fantastic appointment with culture, wikipedia, wikimedia.Ettorre, 17:51, 23 December 2018
  • Support Support Dap78 (talk) 17:31, 23 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Daniele Pugliesi (talk) 01:18, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Assianir (talk) 07:29, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Adert (talk) 08:50, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Marcok (talk) 09:09, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Daolr (talk) 09:13, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Virginia Gentilini (talk)
  • Support Support --Mbranco2 (talk) 10:26, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support This project involves many GLAMs and local institutions and I think Wikimedia projects can benefit from these important collaborations. Ferdi2005 (Posta) 10:46, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Luigi Catalani (talk) 12:29, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support arcanma (talk) 16:28, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Epìdosis 16:30, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Susanna Giaccai (talk) 18:17, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Fabrizio Carrai (talk) 22:07, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Ruislip Gardens (talk) 06:30, 29 December 2018 (UTC)
  • "Pescia Il Your Country" is a website also dedicated to the tourist and cultural promotion of the territory. In particular, the photographic agreement Wiki Loves Monuments has greatly accentuated the characteristics of Pescia as a city of art, so it seems right to continue to make public all sites of historical and cultural interest on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage to close the circle. Pesciailtuopaese (talk) 10:49, 29 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Sailko (talk) 14:32, 29 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support It is very important to support WLM in Italy because of our specific difficult legislative framework and because of the exceptional richness of our cultural heritage which deserves to be well documented on the Wikimedia projects. iopensa (talk) 09:03, 30 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Great project and reliable team. Archeolucia (talk) 14:14, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Sikamikaniko (talk) 14:18, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support Lorenzo perone (talk) 19:11, 01 January 2019 (UTC)
  • Support Support Tremej (talk) 22:24, 01 January 2019 (UTC)
  • Support Support Nonoranonqui (talk) 09:16, 2 January 2019 (UTC)
  • Support Support --Alexmar983 (talk) 17:13, 5 January 2019 (UTC)
  • Support Support --DnaX (talk) 09:13, 7 January 2019 (UTC)
  • Support Support Super project and good idea for Italy and Tuscany wonderful land. --Colombati (talk) 22:42, 9 January 2019 (UTC)
  • I support this project, because could be a new collaboration model between administrations, museums and Wiki communities in order to share the knowledge of unique Tuscany cultural heritage. 08:54, 12 January 2019 (UTC)
  • Support Support Interesting and usefull project in oder to connects wiki world and local administrations--Ammarras (talk) 09:59, 12 January 2019 (UTC)