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聚會基本資訊 A Brief of the Meetup

報名 Registration[edit]

Prospective participants shall complete the registration form by 16 December. Walk-ins will not be entertained.
報名表格 Registration (in Chinese):

出席 Attending[edit]

請在填寫報名表格後才在此留名。 Please only list your name after filling the form.

  1. Michael (WMHKG) (talk) 10:28, 6 December 2021 (UTC)[reply]

可能出席 May be attending[edit]

未能出席 Apologies[edit]

到達方法 Ways to go[edit]

場地地圖和詳細到達方法 See here for directions

關於本聚會 About the meetup[edit]



  • 享受咖啡,茶和各種小吃。我們會準備預先包裝好的簡餐。
  • 聊關於維基媒體的各種大小事,或任何話題。
  • 經驗豐富的維基人幫助新手,並分享各種維基經驗。




The event is completely free of charge!

Hong Kong meetups are generally casual social events where we...

  • Drink coffee, tea and enjoy some food. Pre-packaged light meals will be served there.
  • Chat about Wikimedia or any other topics.
  • Experienced Wikimedians help out new editors and share experiences about anything.

You can expect to meet some very keen Wikimedians; however, this is also an open invite for anyone interested in finding out more about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects such as Wikimedia Commons and Wikiversity.

New and prospective editors are also very welcome.

The venue has a quiet and family-friendly atmosphere, so younger Wikimedians will also feel welcome and safe.

聚會內容 Agenda[edit]

Please edit this section! 請修改此分段,提出議程!
  • 用維基百科時遇上問題? 一起討論吧 ! (歡迎自備手提電腦,場內備有WiFi)
  • Having problem when using Wikipedia? Let's discuss! (You are welcomed to bring your laptop computer. WiFi is provided at the venue.)
  • 還有其他話題,歡迎提出
  • Any other topics you want to talk about.

討論區 Discussion[edit]