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This is ae short stairt tae syndry waas that ye can halp aes aen owerseter oan the Wikimedia waurks.

Ye can owerset content oan ither waurks n aw. Aes examples Wikipedia, Wiktionair, Wikisoorc n ither Wikimedia waurks.

Afore ye get gaun, please creaut aen accoont gif ye dinnae hae yin yet.



It's important that the tuils we uise fer tae eedit – things lik the eedit buttons n menus oan the Wikimedia waurks – ar owerset intae the leid o the wiki. This ensure that awbodie that reads it can eedit n feel at hame cause it's in thair ain leid. Ensurein that MediaWiki, the platform that we big oor wikis oan, is available in aes monie leids aes possible is a maist important joab fer Wikimedia owerseters.

Findin things fer tae owerset

MediaWiki owersetin is duin at translatewiki.net. Ye need tae creaut ae uiser acoont n dae some test owersetins first. Than ye juist pick the reelevant waurk. The maist obveeoos yin is MediaWiki, bit ye can find ither Wikimedia waurks thaur n aw, aes exaumples Reveesion scorin n Wikimedia mobile apps.

Sometimes spierins fer owersetin will be publeeshed oan the Wikimedia Owerseters mailin leet, bit maist will juist be eikit tae the system.

Findin halp n support



Annooncements ar information that's sent oot tae the Wikimedia communities fer tae lat thaim knaw o things that are happenin. It can be important techneecal updates, spierins fer feedback n invitations tae be a pairt o differt muivment-wide decisions. These affen need tae be duin bi ae gien time n ar posted oan Meta maistlie sae that the owerseters will hae somewhaur fer tae wirk. Thaur's no muckle point in owersetin auld annooncements; thay'v awreadie been posted oan the content wikis n possiblie been owerset bi ither eediters in tauks there.

Findin things fer tae owerset

Maist spierins fer owersets o annooncements will be published oan the Wikimedia Owerseters mailin leet.

Findin halp n support

  • Aen annooncement is normalie wrutten bi ae speceefic bodie. The bodie that spiered fer the annooncement tae be owerset will normalie be able tae answer maist spierins aneat it.
  • Thaur's ae glossair wi Wikimedia terms. It's owerset intae twa-three, bit no maist, leids, bit can explain some expressions gif ye dinnae knaw thaim ower weel.
  • Ye can spier spierins at the Wikimedia Owerseters mailin leet.
  • Ye can spier spierins at #wikimedia-translationconnect oan IRC .



Maist documentation fer the Wikimedia muivment lives either on MediaWiki.org (gif it explains the technologie that we uise) or here oan Meta (gif it explains the muivment, wha we ar n whit we dae).

Findin things fer tae owerset

Ye can find pages maurkt fer owersetin oan byordinair pages wi ae leet o supportit leids, oan Meta n oan MediaWiki.org. Tae find yer leid, enter the leid code n press show statistics. Houniver, mynd ye that monie spierins thaur ar no aes reelevant aes thay were at first. Nou n then, ye'l find ae page fer aen event or process that happaened in 2013 bit the page is nou kept mainly fer historical reasons. Owersetin this is proablie no the best spent uiss o yer time. Tae find onowerset things, enter the leid code fer yer leid.

Ye can sign up fer notifeecations at Special:TranslatorSignup. Some spierins ar sent oot oan the Wikimedia Owerseters mailin leet n aw. Fer maist leids thaur's ae muckle backlog n juist brousin important documentation oan Meta or MediaWiki.org ye'r likelie tae find things that'r no owerset intae yer leid.

Findin halp n support

Wikipedia airticles n ither content

Gif ye want tae owerset airticles or ither Wikimedia content, see information aneat content owersetin oan MediaWiki.org. Monie leid versions hae thair ain guidelines fer owersetin; ye can find ae leet here. Owersetin airticles is no aw that differt than ither waws o creautin content.