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The following discussion is preserved as an archive of a closed Meta-Wiki request. Please do not modify it.


Every now and then I get requests to mark a page for translation, as my other me – User:Johan (WMF) – has translation admin rights. It would feel mean and silly to say no, and create extra work for the person who's asking, so of course I do it, but as being a general translation admin on Meta is not a WMF role, it would be much better if I did it with my normal account in my own spare time. I have read Meta:Translation administrator and Meta:Translate extension. Tech/News/2017/45 and 2017 Community Wishlist Survey are examples of pages I've marked for translation. /Julle (talk) 13:29, 10 November 2017 (UTC)

Makes sense. I've checked, and he's already marked plenty of pages for translation, so I'm sure he knows what he's doing. StevenJ81 (talk) 13:37, 10 November 2017 (UTC)
Noted. Will do. /Julle (talk) 13:23, 14 November 2017 (UTC)
@Julle: any progress? Matiia (talk) 02:16, 23 November 2017 (UTC)
Yes, I've read the pages again. (: /Julle (talk) 17:13, 27 November 2017 (UTC)
@Julle: could you please prepare a page for translation? Matiia (talk) 00:36, 28 November 2017 (UTC)

@Julle: it would be nice if you can prepare a page for translation having into account Base's comment. This request can't be open forever. Matiia (talk) 20:36, 1 December 2017 (UTC)

Of course. My apologies. See User:Julle/Example, which should follow the recommendations (and what I've perceived as the norm on Meta when the two pages disagree with each other, for example the markup in mw:Help:Extension:Translate/Page translation example compared to what mw:Help:Extension:Translate/Page translation administration explicitly says about images). I took Lorem ipsum text and added a couple of headers and a couple of images. (: /Julle (talk) 21:49, 1 December 2017 (UTC)
Thanks. Matiia (talk) 17:07, 4 December 2017 (UTC)

Granted. Matiia (talk) 17:11, 4 December 2017 (UTC)

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