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Resources & Documentation

Best practices, learning patterns and how-to guides


Here we list all the relevant documentation to make it easier for chapters and other organizations in the free knowledge movement to apply for external grants and other types of funding.

Information resources[edit]

Frameworks and Guidelines[edit]

Learning Patterns[edit]


Case Studies[edit]



Partnerships Workshop (November 2017)[edit]

Wikimedia Conference 2017[edit]

WikiIndaba 2017[edit]

Partnerships Workshop (November 2016)[edit]

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Wikimedia Conference 2014[edit]

Grant applications[edit]

Share your successful and unsuccessful grant applications here, so other Wikimedia affiliates can learn from it!

List of Successful Grant Applications[edit]

Country Year Title of the application Funding Summary of the application (around 50 words) Link to the application text Project page (if the project has started) Contact person
Sweden 2012 Wiki älskar offentlig konst (Wiki Loves Public Art) Requested: 375,200 SEK (circa US$56,422).
Received: 375,200 SEK (circa US$56,422)
The project will create an open database with public works of art in Sweden. Municipalities and other actors will be contacted to convince them to release their data; hence we will spread the concept of open data to many important actors. Data can be used for the photo contest Wiki Loves Public Art. wmse:Ansökan till Vinnova/Öppna data 2012 omgång 2 wmse:Projekt:Öppen databas för offentlig konst User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson(_AT_)
Germany 2016 Wikipedia: Film Frauen Requested: project chapter by project chapter

Received: everything we needed from partners and last but not least WMDE

The project is about women in Film and TV. Started in February 2016 during Berlinale in Berlin/Germany. And has got Follow-ups. Wikipedia Film Frauen. WPFF Berlinale 2016 and the follow-up: Follow up - starting the 2nd Wednesday Event for Women in Film and TV

and have a look at that event in Köln/Germany.

Wikipedia Film Frauen. User:WS ReNu, email: ws_renu(_AT_)