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Public outreach/Academy/RfC/Playback script

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For my talk, it'd be useful to illustrate the typical development of an article, and to allow the participants to see the same for any article of their choosing. I imagine that we could have a script that produces a ""movie" of the article history, perhaps starting from a specific revision to the present. Ideas for such a script would be welcome.

Some ideas that occur right away:

  • Time the frames either by edit, or by time persisting on the web.
  • Condense edits by the same editor, within a certain time-frame.
  • Keep a running tally of the dominant contributors as the history unfolds.
  • Set overall time of the "movie"
  • Detect and skip vandalism
  • Set a threshold for short-lived versions; maybe skip those, too.
  • Display edit summaries?