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The following request for comments is closed. Closing as long inactive. The Korean Wikipedia now has local CheckUsers, so much of these concerns are now moot. If there are still problems, please open a new RFC. --Rschen7754 22:25, 25 October 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Note: I'm so sorry, I already write it.. at steward snowolf talkpage: User talk:Snowolf#Dear Snowolf. I plead you.

en-1 : I beg your pardon; I write it using open proxy. I need anonymity. You want to block it, I accept your block. But, I plead with you to read it. Can I ask a favor of you? I feel crisis in kowiki. Although I don’t edit in kowiki, (cuz I cannot speak Korean) but indiscriminate IP and account block in kowiki is serious, I think. I do not know you perceive recent sockpuppet problem, User:Unypoly. I monitor it long; I also agree he must be blocked in kowiki. He changes himself IP, account and then aggravates community troubles. However, now situation is not proper action. Admin in kowiki do block many account with suspicion. Editing pattern is only evidence. Of course, checkuser function is useless, cuz he switches his IP address. But the chance of victim is being increased if the method using. See kowiki blocking logs; ko:special:log/block. Five users are blocked, just one day. I express concern about wrong blocking or victim due to it. In former days, ko:User talk:영동우체국 is suspected. But, he asserts that he is not User:Unypoly. All users in kowiki don’t listen his voice, cuz he uses sockpuppet. However, I think that he wants to proof his innocence, but all users in kowiki don’t listen his mention. such reason, he uses sockpuppet(it is just my assumption). He also requests arbitration request. But, arbitration committee reject it cuz they are sure that he is User:Unypoly. I cannot be assured he is not user:unypoly. But, User:Unypoly can change his IP and accounts. He does not have to arbitration request. Return to topic, I hope that you express concern and worry about it to kowiki. What do you think about cases? I always concern it, cuz it can violate important wiki-mind. --Berusonna (talk) 04:38, 26 June 2012 (UTC)[reply]

ja-1 : 私は Open Proxyを使ってこの文を書きました。 私は匿名性が必要だったからです。 あなたが私を遮断したら, 喜んで受け入れます。 しかし, 私の文を読んでください。 私を助けてあげてください。 私は kowikiの危機を感じています。 たとえ私はその所で編集しないです。 何故ならば私は韓国語ができないからです。 しかし無分別な IP遮断と ID 遮断は深刻だと思います。 私はあなたが User:Unyolyの多重ID問題が分かっているのかわからないです。 私は長い間これを見守りました。 私も彼は遮断されなければならないと思います。 彼は彼の IPと IDを変えて, 共同体に問題を起こします。 しかし, 現在の状況は適切な対応だと見られないです。 kowikiの管理者は疑心だけで多くの IDを遮断しました。 編集類型が唯一の手がかりです。 Checkuserの機能は使う必要がないのが事実です。 彼は IPを変えるからです。 しかしこんな方法を使えば悔しい犠牲者の出る可能性が高くなります。 私は誤った犠牲者が出るのではないか心配になります。 この前に, User:영동우체국が疑心受けました。 しかし彼は自分が User:Unypolyではないと主張しました。 すべての kowikiの使用者たちは彼の言葉を聞かなかったです。 何故ならば彼が多重IDを使ったからです。 しかし私は彼が User:Unypolyではないと証明する過程で開かれた事だと思います。 他の使用者たちが彼の言葉を無視したから多重 IDを使ったことだと思います。 彼は仲裁委員会に仲裁要請をしました。 しかし仲裁委員会は彼が多重IDを使ったという理由で仲裁要請を断りました。 私はまだ疑問です。 IPを変えれば良いのにどうして仲裁要請まで試みたのかが疑問です。 私は皆さんがこのような kowikiの状況に対してどう思うのか知りたいです。 私はこれが Wiki精神を害するか心配で恐ろしいです。 --Berusonna (talk) 04:38, 26 June 2012 (UTC)[reply]


I also know this problem as an editor. Because Korean Wikipedia's sockpuppet problem is serious, admins implement pre-blocks. and then if blocked users express objection(blocking reconsideration request), discussion will start. I also concern about it, but this is inevitable. checkuser at Korean Wikipedia doesn't exist now. For steward request, consensus needed. but, consensus also needs at least 3~5 days. It is inefficient, Any tasks will be delayed. Sotiale (Talk·Contribs) 14:29, 10 August 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Yes, I know a lot of sockpuppets in the Korean Wikipedia. A former vandal I know had six socks, and patent nonsense, blanking, and other forms o vandalism are very common. We should implement Checker as fast as possible. (My account of the Korean Wikipedia situation comes from what friends tell me. I work only at the English Wikipedia, so I may be wrong about the current situation.)--Seonookim (talk) 05:40, 24 April 2013 (UTC)[reply]

@Seonookim and Sotiale: can this be closed now, or is it still relevant? PiRSquared17 (talk) 16:56, 6 February 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Same thing happens at Wikiquote, for the last six - eight years. If you would like to, you may write a report about the recent sockpuppets of 2014 if its not long? --Goldenburg111 16:58, 6 February 2014 (UTC)[reply]