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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
Reasonno interest in years. Pecopteris (talk) 06:42, 19 August 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionsee #Goals
Is it a multilingual wiki?Yes
Potential number of languages22
Technical requirements
New features to requirejes


Rodovid is an attempt to create a free familly tree site, using MediaWiki software, which has been customised to make working with genealogical data more convenient (see features below).


Rodovid was originally set up as a project independent of the Wikimedia Foundation, but its main contributors realised that becoming a Wikimedia project would be a great thing for the Rodovid community itself and, we believe, also for the general Wikimedia community.


The aim of Rodovid is to provide a place in the genealogical community where data can be shared freely.

Why do we need a family tree wiki?[edit]

There have been several different attempts at creating genealogical wikis, which shows that the demand is definitely out there. Family trees are a thing that anyone can get involved in, you don't need specialised knowledge like you might to write certain articles for Wikipedia or Wikibooks. It will appeal to a wide range of people, from occasional hobbyists, to professional genealogists.

Unfortunately, most previous genealogy wikis have failed or simply become more or less static. Hopefully, if Rodovid was to get the backing of the Wikimedia foundation, it would be able to reach out to more people and become a widely recognised genealogy site, in the same way that Wikipedia has become a globally recognised encyclopedia.


The word Rodovid is the English version of the Ukranian word родовід which means Ancestry/Pedigree. If a more English name, possibly with the wiki prefix was wanted, it can possibly be changed.

For discussion of and suggestions for the naming of such a project see Rodovid.org/name.


Currently, Rodovid is under the Creative Commons Attribution License, rather than the GFDL as genealogical data is mainly facts, so most can not be copyrighted anyway. If there is any great reason to change to the GFDL, then this could happen in future.


At the current time, Rodovid.org supports 20 languages:

Deutsch, English, Français, 日本語, Nederlands, Português, Русский, Українська, Italiano, Norsk,

Indonesia, Suomi, Español, עברית, O'zbek, Српски (Srpski), Slovenščina, Română, Polski, and Česky .

See for all languages Number of families and persons on Rodovid
All these languages use the same database, so records added to one will appear in the other (see features below). This is made possible because of the fact that family trees are mostly facts: dates, names etc. This means that all that must be translated is the headings (name, age, place of birth etc.), which can be done by computer.

It is also possible to add a page which contains biographical information about a person. These pages are separate, from the tree pages, so must be translated by hand (as pages on normal wikis such as Wikipedia are).


There is also a special stand-alone database designed for testing - Rodovid engine. This is also the area used for comments, reporting bugs and requesting new features.


Easy to use[edit]

To add a person all you need to is click Add Person to the left and fill in the fields (see records, description for what to put in each). To add relations you just type in their name and search for them. If they're already in the database they will be shown and you need only click on them. Otherwise you can create new records for them.

Automatic Tree Generation[edit]

A graphical tree is automatically generated showing two generations of ancestors and two generations of descendants, with their siblings and spouses as well. You can also view a version of this tree showing all generations. It is possible to create a version optimised for printing. Finally, you can just click on sex (♂, ♀) mark near any person - you will see ALL their ancestors and descendants.

GEDCOM Import[edit]

Rodovid originally allowed you to import people into the database using GEDCOM files, the internationally recognised standard. Nearly all family tree programs allow saving in this format, which opens up Rodovid to a wide group of people. However since June 2007 GEDCOM import has been disabled.

Gedcom upload[edit]

At this time Rodovid does not allow the upload of gedcom files. In the future this feature may be made available on a limited basis. Gedcom imports are dangerous because of the risk of data corruption due to duplicate individuals and families. Other genealogy-sites who have been crippled by this effect found their services abandoned by dissatisfied users who found it difficult to navigate their sites. There is not a single genealogy system anywhere in the world that allows automatic Gedcom uploads without experiencing duplication problems. We are currently researching better methods to make it possible in the future, but it may take a while. In the meantime at Rodovid.org quality will prevails over quantity. We feel we have a site that offers an unparalleled product. With our team of various linquistic, historic, anthropological, and genealogical experts editing performing quality checks on a daily basis we can offer our patrons a more accurate content that is free of confusing duplicates and other errors!

Interlinked Databases[edit]

Most genealogical data are simply names, numbers and places, so if you add a person in one language, they will appear in all the other languages (with the words 'name', 'birth' etc. translated). So [1] which was created in Ukranian is also viewable in English [2].

Special Pages[edit]

There are several special pages, created for usefulness in Genealogy:


There are several different examples of the way family trees can be created:

Proposed by[edit]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Rodovid
  • Wikifamily (already a wikimedia domain)
  • Wikinealogy
  • Wikigenea
  • Wikipeople
  • Wikiroots
  • Wikitree

Related projects/proposals[edit]

There are/have been several other family tree wikis/proposals.

Proposals for Wikimedia Family tree wikis[edit]

There have been several other Wikimedia proposals for family tree wikis. Unfortunately, none of these have gone any further than the proposal stage and most of the working demos have been abandoned.


One of the formerly highest-traffic genealogy wikis is Wikitree. Unfortunately, the site started off with a non commercial license, so discussions with the Wikimedia foundation didn't come to fruition. Also, the site has few of the features of Rodovid.

To prevent there being two competing projects discussions are currently underway between the two projects about a possible merger.

Since this initial proposal Wikitree editor activity has dwindled to almost nothing and its traffic has declined commensurately.

On Wikia[edit]

There is a genealogy wiki on Wikia, and there is also a Norweigian genealogy Wikia. A comment has been added to the community portals of both Wikia. These two wikis will almost definitely not be in direct competition with Rodovid, as neither are specialised for work with genealogical data and were originally designed for sufi chains.


There are also discussions with another genealogy site, WeRelate, about the possibility of merging the two projects.


Wikidata can handle kinship relations, and GeneaWiki helps viewing these data in graphic form.

Domain names[edit]

  • wikifamily.org

Mailing list links[edit]



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  111. Zerabat (discusión) 20:25, 18 March 2018 (UTC) Wiki projects names shouldn't always be in English, so it should keep its original name if merged under Wikimedia umbrella. A wikimedia sister project with a name in a language other than English would say something good about WM movement and against English imperialism.[reply]