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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/People/nl

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Informatie over het bewegingsstrategieteam.

Core strategy team

The core team is composed of individuals from the Wikimedia Foundation and williamsworks:

  • Whitney Williams, williamsworks
  • Ed Bland, williamsworks
  • Shannon Keith, williamsworks
  • Guillaume Paumier, Senior Analyst, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Suzie Nussel, organizational strategy consultant, Wikimedia Foundation

This team will shepherd the overall process and keep all groups involved and engaged. The architects (Whitney, Ed, Guillaume) will frame and co-design the conversations within our communities and beyond, and transform outputs into a meaningful, knowledge-driven strategic direction for the movement. They will work in close collaboration with, and seek counsel from, track leads, working groups, and volunteer advisors. The project/stakeholder managers (Suzie and Shannon) will work with track leads to drive engagement, coordinate the tracks and support them as needed, and manage tasks, deadlines, and budgets for the overall process.

Whitney Williams, Ed Bland, and Guillaume Paumier
Project/stakeholder management
Shannon Keith and Suzie Nussel


The movement strategy process, and in particular the discussions with communities, are facilitated by a team of 19 strategy coordinators. They are seasoned Wikimedians who serve as a link between communities and the strategy process.

Track leads and working groups

Community process steering committee

Advisory Group for Track A

An Advisory Group with members from different regions, genders, languages, projects, and types and sizes of affiliates and groups will help ensure diverse participation and perspective. This Advisory Group will work with Track A Lead Nicole Ebber to help steadily review and iterate the ongoing process, to be a sounding board for the design, implementation and sense-making as well as a linker to as many diverse and also underrepresented groups as possible.

Discussion Coordinators for Track A

Each Organized Group is asked to appoint one or more Discussion Coordinators who liaise between their group and the strategy process. This person is responsible for inviting people to the discussion, hosting the discussion, summarizing the results and feeding them back into the overall process.


In addition to Strategy Coordinators above: volunteers and affiliates acting as facilitators with specific groups and communities, listed at Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Outreach/List.

Drafting Group


A number of on-wiki consultations are ongoing, as well as in-person or virtual group discussions

Discussion kits are developed to help facilitate discussions around movement strategy in your area and language.

You are also invited to help translate content for movement strategy.