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Message from Katherine Maher[edit]

This message, "May 18: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#17)", was sent by Katherine Maher on 18 May 2017.

Hi all,

Summary: Cycle 2 discussions continue! Lisa Seitz-Gruwell joined the core team as coach. 

Cycle 2 discussions are actively underway on Meta-Wiki, on more than a dozen local wikis, on other channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and in offline locations around the world.

These discussions are focused on the 5 top themes:

We have begun posting the first insights from the conversations we are having with outside experts and partners. They are available on the strategy portal on Meta-Wiki so that people can discuss how these insights might impact the themes being discussed.

We’ve received very helpful feedback from members of the community on translating and framing these themes so they make more sense to more people. As such, we are working on some slight wording changes to help make each theme description easier to understand and translate across languages. Those changes will be on Meta-Wiki within the week.

Of course, you can find more information about each of these themes, their discussions, and how to participate on the movement strategy portal on Meta-Wiki.

The movement strategy process continues to grow and gain momentum! This is all thanks to your participation. To help with internal coordination of this growing process, I have asked our capable and talented Chief Advancement Officer, Lisa Seitz-Gruwell, to join the core team as a coach for the team and working groups. She will be helping make sure people have the information and support they need so they can focus on getting great work done. I appreciate Lisa's willingness to join the effort as we continue to scale up, in response to your participation!

In other (election) news...

I want to say thank you to the more than 5,000 community members who participated in this year's community selection process for the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees!

As we await the results, please remember that you can still consider candidacy for the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) or FDC Ombudsperson. There are five open seats on the FDC, plus the Ombudsperson position - and we would especially like to encourage candidates from communities, languages, and geographies that are not currently represented!

Remember, even if you are not interested in running for the FDC, you can still ask questions of the candidates.

Kwaheri! (Swahili translation: “Goodbye!”)