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Chiến lược/Phong trào Wikimedia/2017/Cập nhật/28 tháng 4 năm 2017 - Cập nhật 14 về quá trình phát triển chiến lược phong trào Wikimedia

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Thông điệp từ Katherine Maher

Thông điệp này, "Câp nhật về quá trình phát triển chiến lược phong trào Wikimedia (#14)", đuọc gửi đi bởi Katherine Maher vào ngày 28 tháng 4 năm 2017.

Xin chào tất cả các bạn,

Summary: The first cycle of strategy conversations has concluded, and the second cycle will begin by May 5. Thanks!

Thank you(!) to everyone that took the time to contribute your answer to this question: "What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?"

Over the past month, we have collected more than 1,800 statements in more than 20 languages from dozens of discussions across the movement. This includes the previously promised report from Wikimedia Conference, which Wikimedia Deutschland has completed and published on Meta-Wiki. I am thrilled by reports from around the movement about groups coming together, sometimes for the first time ever, to discuss our future. For example, we heard this from our friends in Wikimedia Indonesia, "Thank you for arranging these wonderful experiences, allowing us to get in touch with several Wikipedians that we haven't met before, too." 

The extended strategy team is compiling those statements and clustering the common themes we will discuss in the next cycle of our conversation. We have actually moved the start of cycle 2 from April 25th to allow more time to go over everything and now plan to start it by May 5th.

Our efforts to collect feedback from partners and experts around the world are on track! In fact, I was in Brussels this week, and had a dinner with EU and internet policy experts who shared their ideas for our future. We were able to organize this dinner thanks to help from community members involved in the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU and Wikimedia Belgium. This meeting with people from around the European Union was an opportunity to discuss the impact of Internet policy on the future of the free knowledge and Wikimedia movements.

The feedback collected at events like these will be shared for us to consider and integrate into future discussions around our movement strategy. If you’re interested in interviewing potential partners yourself, or organizing similar small-group discussions with experts, we encourage it! The Foundation may be able to provide financial support for such efforts. Please contact us on Meta-Wiki if you are interested.

We have a lot of preparation work to do before the next discussion cycle, so that’s all for now!

But while I have you, I want to remind people that this is the last week to provide input on the annual plan grants submitted to the Funds Dissemination Committee, including next year's annual plan for the Wikimedia Foundation. Your input is helpful not only to the Funds Dissemination Committee, but also the organizations who submitted plans. Please consider taking a look and providing constructive feedback if you have time before the April 30 deadline.

À plus (French translation: “Until later”),