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Latest comment: 3 years ago by Felipe da Fonseca in topic Translating changes


See also: Talk:Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Policy_text#expectations

I am totally confused by the sentence "This applies to all contributors and participants in their interaction with all contributors and participants, without expectations based on age, mental or physical disabilities, physical appearance, national, religious, ethnic and cultural background, caste, social class, wealth, language fluency, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex or career field." Could someone please explain to me in simple English what is meant by expectations in this context. Ad Huikeshoven (talk) 10:28, 8 February 2021 (UTC)Reply

Hello Ad Huikeshoven, I'll check into this and someone will get back to you with a reply. SPoore (WMF) Senior Strategist, Trust & Safety (talk) 20:31, 8 February 2021 (UTC) 20:30, 8 February 2021 (UTC)Reply
I also found it very obscure, but I imagine "expectations" means, here "preconceptions".--Felipe da Fonseca (talk) 15:47, 9 May 2021 (UTC)Reply

Translating changes


Just a note I didn’t mark the entire body for translation as I wasn't sure it would make sense to be translated. Though I suppose showing side-by-side how other languages adapted the Board changes might be useful, too. How do we make it clear that's the intent of the translated versions? (@Pols12 and BChoo (WMF): for your consideration) Xeno (WMF) (talk) 15:17, 9 May 2021 (UTC)Reply

I had the same thoughts, but I still prepared the whole page because I finally thought translators could choose to keep original text in addition to translation if they want. However, feel free to revert my changes if they are not expected.
Yet, I think “Rationale” column can be safely translated. -- Pols12 (talk) 15:31, 9 May 2021 (UTC)Reply
As you are multilingual, I'm happy to defer to your judgment- just wanted to let you know my original thought. Quite right on translating the rationales. Xeno (WMF) (talk) 15:35, 9 May 2021 (UTC)Reply
Xeno (WMF) and Pols12, wasn't it established that we would not translate the "Changes"? But only the "Rationale"? The change is now for translation. I think that the change in the official english document is not a good idea. The change was made in the english version. --Felipe da Fonseca (talk) 20:39, 10 May 2021 (UTC)Reply
Felipe da Fonseca if I understand, Pols12 is suggesting you can just use the original English in your judgment as the pt-br translation of the English version change, and translate the rationale into pt-br proper. Meanwhile perhaps a different translator might attempt a direct translation - especially if they are able to identify the exact consequent changes in the other language. Not fully sure. –xeno 03:36, 11 May 2021 (UTC)Reply
Xeno (WMF) I can do it myself, I just dont think we should translate it. --Felipe da Fonseca (talk) 10:38, 11 May 2021 (UTC)Reply
I think translation is helpful for people who cannot read English to better understand ratified changes. In case someone want to see the real changes, they can still look at English original page if translators did not let a copy of the original in translation. -- Pols12 (talk) 19:45, 11 May 2021 (UTC)Reply
Ok. --Felipe da Fonseca (talk) 19:47, 11 May 2021 (UTC)Reply