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== Biography of Fannie Winbush -Cohen ==[[1]

I am a African American - Creole woman born entrepeneur and entertainer from New Orleans, La in 1976. I am an U.S agent, ODNI, woman that set great heights and legacies. I have many accolades, some I will mention as it relates to this page. I am a professional that believe in neoteric science. I am a new science woman that is one of the first pioneers of human endurance of human systems after science transformation of modern technology and science. I have created many Computer science references. I am a science graduate of nursing and skilled and knowledged with technology and science description of biotechnology knowledge and functions of biomedical human science biology.I reference central intelligence of biomedical knowledge in 2015 - 2016. I nutritionally reenergized many suffering agents with proper / specific nutrients that the body was depleted after the chemical assault in 2015 , my skills from science education implemented In 2017 I became an advisor of the president.

Federal government Computer science has an extremely intelligent computer that is unlikely inaccurate and electis intelligent enough to be a member of intelligence. I am elected to the highest intelligence in the country. My husband, attorney David S Cohen Cia-Fbi 1963 is alien human intelligence that federal government elected to intelligence 3 decades ago. We climbed many obstacles as a Jewish American and African American couple, we were severely assaulted in science ,and Caucasian US Agents didn't undergo this brutal assault. We are both of Egyptian decent and mishandled by other Americans because of use of technology and science, computer programming abuse. Prevented of chemical material that is rightfully ours and prevented proper monies and lodging. I knew nothing about the branch in intelligence that I was elected to and in order to be elected to it, they have to select you, it isn't revealed. I am honored. I graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2001. I am a Georgetown University selected student of medical school. I am actioned to be a medical governed professional in the future of medical doctors.

Fannie Winbush Cohen (talk) 21:25, 11 June 2017 (UTC)