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Interwikism as basic Transwikism

I, Mysekurity, hereby establish the Association of Transwikist Wikipedians on this, Tuesday, November 2, 2005 to be another of the multitude of "-ist Wikipedian" organizations.

Our motto is

Tempe decorum non pate de fois gras

'Please edit this page to better suit the needs of the Association, or discuss issues pertaining to it at the talk page.


This Association has been established to provide a community of like-minded Wikipedians who believe that all notable content has a place and purpose. Members state that articles on fancruft, dictionary definitions, and less-notable topics all have a place, just not on Wikipedia. Further, while Wikipedia should only have a small amount of content related to the articles in question, other wikis would be able to host more fan-related content. It is the opinion of members that information beyond easily referenceable should have its own space, whether on a sister project of Wikipedia, or on a Wikia or another site relating to the issue. Pages on issues such as Harry Potter should not get special treatment on fancruft issues beyond a single article glossary or small mention on a page. A casual encyclopedia reader does not need to know Professor Dumbledore's favorite color. Further reading and information can be found on a relative wiki, and all that needs to be added to the page is a link to it. This has been implemented with Garry's Mod [1] and Homestar Runner [2], so that information that serves no purpose on Wikipedia may find a home with more fan-related content on a wiki of that nature.

As one can clearly see from either meta's own page or the index of all wikis, there are plenty on the web as a whole. There should be no problem in finding a suitable site to which we can link. A general, overarching article may be written on the topic and a few of its more important issues, but the majority of the in-depth ideals should be part of a more specialized wiki, which is the purpose of transwikism.

Members of the Association of Transwikist Wikipedians remember that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia at its core, not a dumping ground and fansite. There are many issues facing Wikipedia, and by reducing some of its scalability issues, we can better tackle the larger, more important problems at hand. The great thing about Wikipedia is that it is electronic, and therefore not bound by the restrictions of paper. The unfortunate part is that true, noteworthy information may often become lost in the flurry of pages (at the time of this writing, there are over 800,000), and becomes hard to maintain due to scaling issues. By transwiking information to another wiki, the information becomes much more manageable and easier to find useful information. Rather than searching for John Smith and getting a bunch of pages a reader has no idea about, the reader will be able to more easily see the information they are looking for, and pages may link to alternative wikis, rather than linking within Wikipedia.


This Association was formed in response to the multitude of Metapedian organizations regarding page decisions on AfD, each with opinions ranging from "Wikipedia is not paper" to "Wikipedia is not a junkyard", and everywhere in between. The opinions of these groups are that Wikipedia should house all content that does not violate the guidelines contained on the page Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not, and everything else should be deleted. The Association of Transwikist Wikipedians was named after those other groups, as a response to the various methods of dealing with articles and information on Wikipedia.


Please see Association of Transwikist Wikipedians/Members. Feel free to add yourself.

Promotion and User box[edit]

You can use this template to announce your membership and promote this association:

Basic user box: add {{User transwikist}}, which generates


This user is a member of the Association of Transwikist Wikipedians.


Proposal Logo of the Association of Transwikist Wikipedians: The Transwikist logo is a a web rising fron eight source of eight different colors, everyone conected with the others and meeting all togheter in a central white octagon. The colors of the line blur and inside the central cameo there is a white (all color fusion) “T” with a rainbow-coloured profile. It symbolize the philosophy of interconnection between the eight wiki-projects.
Proposal logos of the wikimedia association of users

Hallo everybody! I'm an inclusionist but i'd like to submit my proposal for a new transwikist logo. I have created nine other logo proposal for nine different association. Hope the one for you meet your taste :) --Bruce The Deus (talk) 16:30, 28 May 2016 (UTC)