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وڪي ڪانفرنس انڊيا 2023

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28 – 30 April, 2023
Hyderabad, India

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وڪي ڪانفرنس انڊيا 2023 هڪ قومي سطح جي ڪانفرنس آهي جيڪا وڪيميڊيا وارن ۽ اسٽيڪ هولڊرز لاءِ هڪ گڏيل پليٽ فارم مهيا ڪري ٿي جيڪي هندستاني-ٻولي وڪيميڊيا منصوبن ۾ دلچسپي رکن ٿا ۽ هندستان ۽ ڪجهه ڏکڻ ايشيائي علائقن ۾ تحريڪ سان لاڳاپيل ٻين پهلوئن تي. هي هڪ جڳهه آهي ملڻ، ڳنڍڻ، ۽ حصيداري ڪرڻ، ڪهاڻيون، سکيا، بهترين عمل، ۽ چئلينجز ۽ هڪ خطي جي طور تي مستقبل جي حڪمت عملي تي بحث ڪرڻ. ڪانفرنس 3 کان 5 مارچ تائين حيدرآباد ۾ ٿيندي.

WCI 2023 جو موضوع

وڪي ڪانفرنس انڊيا جي هن ورهاڱي جو موضوع آهي بندن کي مضبوط ڪرڻ''. هي ڪانفرنس ڏکڻ ايشيا جي ڪجهه علائقن ۾ ڪميونٽي جي ميمبرن لاءِ هڪ موقعو هوندي ته هو ٻيهر ڳنڍڻ، پنهنجا خيال يا تجربا هڪ ٻئي سان شيئر ڪن، ۽ پنهنجي برادرين جي ترقي لاءِ تعاون ڪن.

Background and purpose

WikiConference India was first organized in 2011 in Mumbai and then again in 2016 in Chandigarh. Although the third conference was planned to take place in 2020, it had to be called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference of 2023 aimed to bring Wikimedia community members across India and other Indic communities from the South Asia region to improve cross-community connections and exchange knowledge and experience. The broad goals of WikiConference India 2023 are:

  • to promote, develop, strengthen, and support the collaboration between Wikimedia users, projects, communities, affiliates, and stakeholders in the region.
  • to support sharing the knowledge, experience and best practices among participants, and offer a space to improve their skills, discuss persistent issues and cherish each other’s work.
  • to support the growth of smaller communities by connecting them with experienced Wikimedians, established communities and affiliates.
  • to document the learning from various activities, which include projects, campaigns, events, etc. by various community members in the past four years, for later use.
  • to strategize for the next few years, on how we can together shape up the movement in India and contribute to the growth of the South Asia region at large.


  • The call for sessions and scholarship applications to participate in the conference opened on 11 November 2022, 00:00 IST.
  • And got closed on 14 December 2022, 23:59 IST.
  • For more information on scholarships, please visit the Participation tab.
  • To submit your session proposal, please check out the Session Submissions tab.

Location and Event dates

  • Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Date: 28‒30 April 2023