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AvoinGLAM contributes to fostering and facilitating a global Open GLAM and GLAM-Wiki community for the promotion Open Access to cultural heritage. It acts locally to carry out these activities in Finland. Our goal is to make GLAM activities more inclusive, diverse, and equitable by expanding the scope of modalities, topics, and practitioners of cultural heritage, and addressing questions of ethical sharing. We promote creative collaborations and peer learning across the range of GLAM practitioners.

In 2022 AvoinGLAM will be supported by a Wikimedia Foundation General Support Fund.


AvoinGLAM is an unincorporated group working with Open Knowledge Finland as the fiscal sponsor in 2022.


Core group[edit]

  • Tove Ørsted
  • Tuomas Nolvi
  • Kimberli Mäkäräinen
  • Kaj Arnö
  • Maria Virtanen
  • Aki Pohjankyrö
  • Kristen Tcherneshoff
  • Julia Brungs (in private capacity)
  • Ranjit Menon
  • Susanna Ånäs, coordinator

Fiscal sponsor Open Knowledge Finland[edit]

  • Tarmo Toikkanen, ED
  • Mikko Lampi, chair of the board


AvoinGLAM Finnish community[edit]

We work locally in Finland by facilitating the work of cultural heritage professionals and non-professional practitioners in safeguarding and opening up cultural heritage. Our goal is to empower more GLAM contributors to take initiative in contributing to the open ecosystem and adopting Open Access strategies in their institutions. We look at different aspects of their challenge from their perspective, and promote the use of Wikimedia projects and open licensing as tools to manage digital transformation.


Following the successful model of webinars organized in 2021, we continue arranging public webinars. These sessions can be directed to the Finnish or the international communities on a case by case basis.

  • Wikidata tutuksi. AvoinGLAMin ystävänpäivän koulu 14 February 2022. Slides. Video recording.
  • Meeting to discuss the copyright law draft. Notes.
  • Open cultural heritage, monetization and NFT. Recording. Blog post.

AvoinGLAM meetings[edit]

In addition, there will be organizational meetings that are are open for anyone to attend.

  • Running memo

Community case studies[edit]

are a better way to engage the community than open-ended meetings. We will initiate lightweight studies with GLAM organizations or communities to take advantage of the open systems in the specific context.

Public domain awareness in Finland[edit]

The new copyright legislation introduces the concept of public domain into the Finnish legislation. AvoinGLAM works in collaboration with Finna, the national GLAM aggregator, to advocate the GLAM organizations about changes in their sharing practices. The Public domain day webinar and a handout about public domain in English, Swedish and the three Saami languages in Finland will assist in explaining the changes. The handout will include a section about the challenges between public domain and Traditional Knowledge.

Data imports[edit]

We continue the ongoing data import and enrichment projects and stay open for further initiatives as well. According to the objectives of the GLAM School project, AvoinGLAM will encourage GLAMs to take more initiative themselves in contributing to the Wikimedia projects and support them in the process. We can additionally match import projects with available resources in the Wikimedia ecosystem. Working with extensive data imports seems out of bounds for our resources currently.

  • Saami place names project brings together a community of experts around place names, and Saami geographic heritage. Saami place names project will be integrated into the collaboration with the Finnish National Library project for making available the Upper Finnish Ontology in Northern Saami language.
  • Finnish personalities is a common denominator for several import initiatives. We are looking into facilitating the import of the BiographySampo linked data repository.
  • The data about Finnish GLAM organizations will be completed during the year.
  • Other interests include buildings data and its connections to Finnish authority data, data about the Finnish archipelago in OSM as well as in Wikidata, and collections data in GLAM institutions.

Saami languages and culture[edit]

We continue to support the production of open language and media resources in Saami languages and about the Saami culture. The work is carried out respecting the Saami communities’ interests and pace. Ideally, we can promote using Wikidata for tagging, engage more people in contributing to the Saami language Wikipedias, and co-develop best practices for Open Access to cultural heritage in the context of indigenous people.

  • Partners in the project of the Finnish National Library for making available the Upper Finnish Ontology in Northern Saami language.

GLAM School[edit]

GLAM School is a project by AvoinGLAM to chart out, uncover, and support practices that help GLAM professionals, GLAM-Wiki volunteers, Open GLAM advocates and others to be more empowered to contribute to Wikimedia and other open projects. As part of this, we encourage practices that promote diversity, knowledge equity, inclusion, and ethical sharing.

The work will make an overview of currently available learning resources for opening up cultural heritage and using open platforms, and propose structures and activities that are translatable and usable in different contexts globally. We will explore different modes of learning and exchanging knowledge, drawing from our experience in organizing creative co-creation events.

Our plan is to connect with existing Wikimedia movement activities for learning and teaching GLAM-related skills. We will also address professional GLAM communities outside the movement (eg. Europeana, MCN, GLAM Labs), volunteer communities in sister organizations (Creative Commons, Mozilla etc.), scholarly communities (DARIAH, HSSH etc.) and creator networks (Coding da Vinci etc).

Global Cine Club[edit]

  • The Global Cine Club is on hold.


We will establish Hack4OpenGLAM in its third year. It is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation Community Fund resources.


Advocacy & representation[edit]

The team members represent AvoinGLAM and Open Access to cultural heritage in committees and working groups in Finland and globally.

  • Europeana Digital Transformation Task Force / Susanna
  • Creative Commons Global Network Executive Committee / Susanna
  • Digitaalisen kulttuuriperinnön pyöreä pöytä / Susanna
  • Paikkatietoryhmä (National Geodata Group) / Susanna
  • Time Machine Finland / Susanna
  • Finna consortium group / Tove
  • Finto steering group / Kimberli
  • Wikimedia Foundation Language committee / Kimberli
  • The Language Hub / Kimberli
  • Free Knowledge Africa Advisory Board / Susanna
  • Expert group for evaluating content partnerships, WMSE / Susanna
  • Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub / Kimberli


  • The role of cultural heritage institutions in the public domain, 2022 Public Domain day in Nigeria, 16 January 2022.
  • BOWB presentation.

The website[edit]

AvoinGLAM website has materials since 2012, but we are still recovering the old articles from backups after a site hijack.

The newsletter[edit]

Communication has taken a larger proportion of time than what was anticipated for in the plans. We have launched a newsletter, that is mainly distributed in Finnish, but it also caters for some English-speaking subscribers.

  • The newsletter archive on the AvoinGLAM blog.

Blog posts[edit]