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This organization has no direct editorial control over the health-related content of the Wikimedia projects themselves. We believe the goals of the Wikimedia movement are best achieved in collaboration with other organizations who share those goals, and we see WikiProject Med's role primarily as an educational one, where we will provide advice and instruction to other like-minded individuals and organizations regarding how to contribute to Wikimedia projects.

WikiProject Med will fulfill its mission by, among other things:

  1. Persuading individual experts and professional and scholarly organizations to review or contribute to Wikimedia medical content, and provide them with necessary support and training
  2. Create, collect, process, and present the sorts of metrics which describe usage statistics and quality of health content on Wikimedia projects

While WikiProject Med members may contribute health content themselves, they will do so not as members or representatives of WikiProject Med but as members of the projects that host that content (Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wiktionary, Commons, etc.).

  • The territory of activity is everywhere in the world where there are people interested in achieving our mission.
  • The organization is legally registered in the United States but people from around the world can join.


參與維基醫學專案並無特殊限制,只要你也希望持續在維基媒體基金會的各專案中(例如維基百科)貢獻醫學相關的內容,或是你所屬的組織有著和維基醫學專案基金會相似的目標即可。 如果您也希望一同參與,請將您的維基帳號加入參與名單



目前維基醫學專案持續在各種不同的語言中推廣,(其中英文的Wikiproject Medicine只是眾多專案之一).


更多信息请参见Wiki Project Med/partnerships



  1. 如果組織已有成員願意提供既有資訊,維基醫學專案會負責安排相關的人員訓練。
  2. 如果組織願意捐贈相關資訊或是影音資料,讓維基百科的參與志工整合到維基百科或是相關計畫中,維基醫學專案將會協助宣傳與推廣使用這些捐贈內容。

目前已與下列單位建立合作關係: 世界衛生組織英國癌症研究機構、美國國家醫學博物館 / 國家衛生研究院、以及考科藍醫學資料庫。並協助處理相關版權問題,以及協助創立駐館維基人計畫

目前已經在加拿大、英國、印度、瑞士、尼泊爾等各地都舉行過相當多次的演說,推廣維基醫學專案的重要性。See there有一份演說的投影片範本,版權限制為CC by SA,歡迎各界使用。

We are an official supporter of Health Information For All 2015 per their website


更多信息请参见en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Translation Task Force

Some of our 2014 Ebola article translations into African languages:

The Translation Task Force is a project that began on the English Wikipedia in collaboration with Translators Without Borders to improve key medical articles via translation. A summary of the project is as follows:

  1. 鑒別維基百科上最具全球話的重要健康條目(這裡有一份列表
  2. Improve them to "Good Article" or "Featured Article" status in English according to English Wikipedia criteria
  3. Once an article reaches at least good status, have it professionally reviewed
  4. Put the article in queue for translation into every other language in the world at Translators Without Borders, with emphasis on languages which do not have equivalent articles of good quality
  5. Present the most comprehensive multilingual source of health information ever compiled to the world, for free, continually as it is being created


更多信息请参见Wiki Project Med/education outreach
  • We are partnered with UCSF on running 4 week elective for medical students each semester in which the students edit Wikipedia, with a class twice per year since 2013.

There is an existing Wikipedia outreach program which sends Wikipedia ambassadors - "campus ambassadors" - to schools to encourage students and professors to incorporate contributions to Wikipedia projects into the learning curricula. This organization facilitates participation in the campus ambassador program for those participating in health-related education projects at universities.

  • Taiwanese university


In Dengue fever: a Wikipedia clinical review, the English Wikipedia article for dengue fever went through traditional medical peer review for publication in a medical journal
更多信息请参见en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/JMIR Wiki Medical Reviews
更多信息请参见Wiki Project Med/Cochrane
  • One reason some academics express for not contributing to Wikipedia is that they are unable to get the recognition they require for their current professional position. A number of medical journals have agreed in principle to publishing high quality Wikipedia articles under authors' real names following formal peer review. These journals include PLoS medicine and Open BMJ. Further details here. Journal of Medical Internet Research is about to publish a new online peer-reviewed journal, JMIR:Wiki Medical Reviews. See here.
  • The Wikiversity Journal of Medicine, started in 2014, is another effort to get academic credit for contributing to Wikipedia. This in house journal is set up to provide formal peer review for Wikipedia articles and images. It has the added benefit of being broader in scope, accepting many types of articles such as case reports. While many traditional Open Access publishers chart fees of one or two thousand dollars per article this journal is free. Efforts are ongoing to get it PubMed indexed which will allow another way for Wikipedia articles after formal peer review to end up on PubMed commons and be an appropriate reference in other academic work. Wikiversity Journal of Medicine can also accept any medical work that is scientifically significant in its own right.
  • There are certain articles which, although published in scholarly journals, could either be readily adapted into Wikipedia articles or preferably published verbatim as Wikipedia articles if they were appropriately licensed during publication. Some work has already gone into this concept; this project supports further efforts into reforming publishing standards so as to incorporate sharable media into Wikipedia as efficiently as possible.
  • General discussion on potential collaborations are taking place with the Cochrane Collaboration as described here.
  • Parallel to broader efforts to create a Wikipedia Library, efforts are underway to build relationships with scientific/medical publishing houses resulting in the donation of free and full access to their content for active Wikipedians. Partnerships with Credo Reference, HighBeam Research, and Questia Online Library have set a precedent for such relationships to be mutually beneficial: they provide visibility to the research databases and they give select Wikipedia editors direct access to the best available academic, scholarly, and professional reliable sources. Talks are ongoing with JSTOR and Cochrane Collaboration which have both expressed interest in joining The Wikipedia Library. Future targets include UpToDate, Elsevier, and Springer.
  • Possibly improving/creating medical {Find sources} templates, or creating a live feed of recent high-quality clinical guidelines or meta analyses to article talk pages.


更多信息请参见Wiki Project Med/community events

As might be expected, this organization participates more generally in outreach and development programs of the broader Wikimedia community. Among other things, some members of this organization also participate in the following:


更多信息请参见Wiki Project Med/Advocacy

This organization takes positions on issues, makes specific recommendations on best practices for sharing health information, sometimes asks organizations to do certain things, and may ask governments to adopt certain stances. Here are some general types of advocacy which WikiProject Med does:

  • Promotes the idea that all health information of general interest should be made available for free online, especially through Wikimedia projects, and particularly in Wikipedias of all languages
  • Advocates that barriers to sharing health educational material should be removed whenever there are not reasons to sustain them
  • Recommends that organizations sharing health information publish using free licenses, such as those developed by Creative Commons, in order to increase public access, open access, and sharing in general
  • Invites all perspectives to contribute to the global collection of health information which everyone uses
  • Offers to facilitate access to Wikimedia data for researchers examining the workings of Wikimedia projects, its community, and its impact


更多信息请参见WikiProject Med/Tech

Bots and scripts can help us improve medical content. This is a place to collaborate on proposals to develop these.

We have put together a "copy and paste detection bot" which is running on all medical articles. Results can be seen here en:User:EranBot/Copyright


更多信息请参见Wiki Project Med/Projects

Members of the organization have planned and developed a range of special projects. Some of these are major and ongoing and some are minor and were never well documented, as they could have been started and organized by volunteers who came and left. Miscellaneous projects are documented here.


As of Feb 2016 there are Wikiproject Medicine in 38 languages. Messaging list is here.


  • The board has frequent, ongoing internal communications via email.
  • We have a mailing list here, but it is expected that most discussion will take place on meta.



  • 2013年獲得無國界譯者 人道交流者大獎(Humanitarian Communicator Award)




  1. Jacob de Wolff (會長)
  2. Biosthmors (執秘)
  3. Peter.C (talk) (taxes)
  4. Vinicius Siqueira (talk)
  5. Daniel Mietchen (talk)
  6. RexxS (talk) (treasurer)
  7. Jake Orlowitz Ocaasi (talk) (outreach)
  8. Emily Temple-Wood
  9. Carl Fredrik Sjoland
  10. Sydney Poore




The organization was established in 2012 to be a Wikimedia movement affiliate and as an international health education organization with legal registration as a nonprofit organization in the United States.