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(English) Wikimédia Québec is intended to be the Québec local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. We are currently in the preliminary stages, and this page will contain mostly information on this process. For any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to use this page or the talk page. For French speakers, you can also follow the discussions on fr:Projet:Québec/Wikimédia Québec.

We're working with pioneering neighbors throughout the Canada, and hope to cooperate with them and other Canadian chapters in future through a Wikimedia Canada Chapters Council.

The Quebec in the Canada.


Wikimédia Québec is a project for creating a Quebec chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. People interested to participate in that project are invited to write their user name in the "Interested users" section. If possible, precise the name of the city you are living in, so we can choose interesting meeting locations.


  • Promote the collaborative and benevolent natures of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects in Québec.
  • Help the sustainability of the projects.
  • Provide to institutions, to associations, and to companies a local representative.[1]
  • Allow donors to make deductible donations from their taxes.[2],[3]

Planned activities for 2009[edit]

Les Sceptiques du Québec[edit]

  • Activity: Conference
  • Audience: Les Sceptiques du Québec
  • Location: Centre St-Pierre, 1212, rue Panet, Montréal, H2L 2Y7 (Near the Beaudry metro station)
  • Date:
  • Content: Orientation on the scientific skepticism, the treatment of pseudo-science in the encyclopedia, etc.

AMA 2009 in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean[edit]




In order to promote the collaborative nature of the Wikimedia projects, Wikimédia Québec organizes different contests in association with other Quebec organizations. The raised funds for these contests come from private or corporate donations.

Quebec Literature[edit]

The article littérature québécoise (french) is checked out by 1,000 to 1,500 times per month during a school year.[4]. This article is only, mainly, an authors list distributed by the currents.

Wikimédia Québec, in collaboration with teachers of languages and literature from the Cégep de Chicoutimi, organizes a contest targeting to expand the article "littérature québécoise". The contest will be open to the Cégep de Chicoutimi students (especially to those attending the Quebec literature course). A reading committee will designate the student who has written the best collaboration. Khayman will edit this collaboration and the student will put it online.






Interested English-speaking users[edit]

Potential volunteers[edit]

(Interested in possibly participating in some of the activities)

Other potential members[edit]

(Interested to support without necessarily participating in the activities)

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