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A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header
A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header

This is a list of articles about a country in Central and Eastern Europe region. This list is created for a cross-border collaboration project by voluntary contributors and therefore it only reflects their subjective opinion. Presence or non-presence of a topic in the list is not related to its objective importance or lack of it. This page is open for changes and further contributions.

Article lists for Austria[үзгәртү]

a. Culture

  1. Culture of Austria (Q303649)
  2. Austrian cuisine (Q42029)
  3. Austrian literature (Q303779)
  4. Robert Menasse (Q78772)
  5. Thomas Glavinic (Q112772)
  6. Music of Austria (Q2090712)
  7. Yodeling (Q41923)
  8. Rock Me Amadeus (Q600718)
  9. Falco (musician) (Q44398)
  10. Vienna Secession (Q208208)
  11. Semmering Railway (Q259313) (We recommend the german article)
  12. First Viennese School (Q702207)

b. Nature / Geography

  1. Grossglockner (Q3388)
  2. Lake Neusiedl (Q6396)
  3. Southern Limestone Alps (Q609634)
  4. Karawanks (Q198007)
  5. Central Eastern Alps (Q190348)
  6. Northern Limestone Alps (Q4935045)
  7. Ötztal Alps (Q307518)
  8. Hohe Tauern (Q679359)
  9. Großvenediger (Q697907)
  10. Wildspitze (Q679277)
  11. Vienna Woods (Q251246)

c. Economics

  1. Economy of Austria (Q8085)
  2. Agriculture in Austria
  3. Austrian euro coins (Q302037)
  4. Donau City (Q382895)
  5. Tourism in Austria (Q781832)

d. Society

  1. Demographics of Austria (Q671856)
  2. Roman Catholicism in Austria (Q225466)ötschl
  3. Christoph Schönborn (Q44747)
  4. Mariazell Basilica (Q669743)
  5. Schönbrunn Palace (Q131330)

e. Sports

  1. Ernst-Happel-Stadion
  2. Wörthersee Stadion
  3. Red Bull Arena (Salzburg)
  4. Tivoli-Neu Stadion
  5. Otto Barić (Q699412)
  6. Andreas Ivanschitz (Q296837)
  7. Mirna Jukić (Q238266)
  8. Ivica Vastić (Q295065)
  9. Renate Götschl

f. Politics

  1. Politics of Austria (Q699375)
  2. Chancellor of Austria (Q1006398)
  3. Social Democratic Party of Austria (Q179111)
  4. Austrian People's Party (Q186867)

g. Transport

  1. Austrian Airlines
  2. Vienna International Airport
  3. Austrian Federal Railways
  4. Vienna U-Bahn
  5. Magistrale for Europe (Q117297)
  6. Baltic adriatic axis (Q117297)

h. History

  1. History of Austria (Q187830)
  2. Duchy of Austria (Q3624335)
  3. First Austrian Republic (Q518101)
  4. Anschluss (Q154681)
  5. Leopold VI, Duke of Austria (Q437303)
  6. Battle of Vienna (Q200855)
  7. Austrofascism (Q783910)
  8. Julius Raab (Q78539)
  9. Bruno Kreisky (Q44517)

i. Science

  1. Eduard Suess
  2. Othenio Abel
  3. Karl Landsteiner (Q84405)
  4. Ludwig Wittgenstein (Q9391)

j. Education

  1. Education in Austria (Q701306)
  2. University of Vienna (Q165980)

k. Women

  1. Paula von Preradović (Q89560)
  2. Elfriede Jelinek (Q47243)
  3. Mirna Jukić (Q238266)
  4. Madita (Q537706)
  5. Bertha von Suttner (Q18456)

Article lists by country[үзгәртү]