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A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header
A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header

This is a list of articles about a country in Central and Eastern Europe region. This list is created for a cross-border collaboration project by voluntary contributors and therefore it only reflects their subjective opinion. Presence or non-presence of a topic in the list is not related to its objective importance or lack of it. This page is open for changes and further contributions.

Article lists for Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

a. Culture

  1. Stari Most
  2. Sarajevo Haggadah (Q1268253)
  3. National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q568938)
  4. National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q22780)
  5. Avaz Twist Tower (Q790278)
  6. Baščaršija (Q629641)
  7. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo (Q1267112)
  8. Sarajevo Film Festival (Q935127)
  9. Mersad Berber (Q1276135)
  10. Ćevapi (Q945096)

b. Nature / Geography

  1. Sarajevo
  2. Banja Luka
  3. Mostar
  4. Zenica
  5. Sutjeska National Park (Q1262800)
  6. Kozara National Park (Q2418337)
  7. Una National Park (Q3179381)

c. Economics

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
  2. Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q1778260)
  3. Kakanj coal mine (Q16976141)

d. Society

  1. Medjugorje (Q94950)

e. Sports

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina national football team
  2. Edin Džeko
  3. Zvjezdan Misimović
  4. Ivica Osim (Q366783)

f. Politics

  1. Politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q1154049)
  2. High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q470446)
  3. House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q320268)
  4. Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q16792)
  5. Party of Democratic Action (Q1132677)
  6. Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (Q1258283)

g. Transport

  1. Brčko-Banovići Railway (cs)
  2. Transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q1288486)
  3. Rail transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q848358)
  4. Trams in Sarajevo (Q1520654)

h. History

  1. Husejn Gradaščević (cs / Q470948)
  2. History of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q200128)
  3. Bosnian War (Q181533)
  4. Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia (Q334731)
  5. Bosnia Vilayet (Q848372)
  6. Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q2735662)
  7. Kingdom of Bosnia (Q2980623)

i. Science

  1. Vladimir Prelog (Q83501)
  2. Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q1265720)

j. Education

  1. Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q4329723)
  2. University of Mostar (Q2303102)

k. Women

  1. Catherine of Bosnia (Q452680)
  2. Jelena Nelipčić (Q3449620)
  3. Maria of Serbia, Queen of Bosnia (Q3449344)
  4. Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Semka Sokolović-Bertok (Q468907)
  6. Jasmila Žbanić (Q83487)
  7. Idda van Munster
  8. Hanka Paldum (Q453141)
  9. Neda Ukraden (Q453228)
  10. Svetlana Dašić-Kitić (Q452714)
  11. Lepa Brena (Q236943)

Article lists by country[edit]