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Mezlongtempa plano 2019 de la Fondaĵo Vikimedio/Jara plano 2021-2022

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Mezlongtempa plano 2019 de la Fondaĵo Vikimedio


The 2021–2022 Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan represents completed, cooperative work across the Foundation to define our goals for the July 2021-June 2022 fiscal year (FY 21-22). It is guided by ongoing discussions with volunteers, such as the Movement Strategy process, and our long term mission to promote free knowledge. It uses our Medium Term Plan as its overarching framework.

This page contains full plan materials, including our list of objectives and videos from the Wikimedia Foundation executive team with subtitles in Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. Questions should be directed to our talk page, and to the live Annual Plan Conversations held at the end of the month.

This year’s plan involves three overarching priorities—ensuring a thriving movement, an evolved platform on which that movement can thrive, and a resilient and inclusive Foundation to carry out this work.

Together, Thriving Movement, Platform Evolution, and a Resilient & Inclusive Foundation are complementary efforts toward the same steadfast goal—to set knowledge free, for everyone.

Wikimedia Foundation 2021–2022 Annual Plan

Floranta movado

How we understand Free knowledge 27
How we understand Free knowledge 27

Our first focus area within Thriving Movement for FY 21-22 is to ensure that Wikimedians have the systems they need to succeed and the tools and information to safely succeed within those systems.

The direction for this comes from Movement Strategy, which has informed the work of the Foundation, affiliates, and volunteers for years, including through the Foundation’s Medium Term Plan. This year, we will address key movement governance issues, including a movement charter, global council, hubs, leadership training, and create enforcing mechanisms for our Universal Code of Conduct. We will also:

  • Evolve trust and safety tools, including IP masking and prioritizing several functionary asks,
  • Provide access to information to help communities prioritize strategic initiatives and address challenges that exist across platforms, such as disinformation, and
  • Help prepare community members to undertake governance roles, ensuring that people across the diversity of experience and identities of our global movement are ready to help lead the movement into the future.

We want to support the movement in building independent systems, leaders and structures of self-governance that serve our editing communities, welcome diverse newcomers, sustain and protect contributors of all kinds, and reflect the movement’s values.

Our second focus area within the Thriving Movement priority is to become more welcoming to diverse contributors, with systems encouraging global growth. Later this week, the Foundation will launch a new grants strategy. This strategy was built through broad-reaching discussions with volunteers and grant recipients around the globe. It will involve a shift toward regional grantmaking, and increased involvement of community members in grant decision-making.

We are also increasing our total Foundation grants budget from an estimated over $8 million to $15.6 million, an increase of 95% across movement strategy, community programs, and community resources.

As an additional commitment to this priority, we will work with emerging communities to promote growth across the wikis. We will work with local communities to develop three pilot programs that welcome contributors in parts of the world where Wikimedia is currently underrepresented. Our success will be measured by newcomers from historically underserved populations feeling welcomed and staying. We will continue our current work to support volunteers through an updated grants program, language support, and regional safety protocols in areas where volunteers face risks due to their participation.

Overall, the largest part of new investments this year is the increased investment in Thriving Movement. The Thriving Movement budget has increased from $14.3 million last fiscal year to $36.7 million in this budget which represents an increase of $22.4 million or 157%. It has also grown from being 13.2% of the Foundation’s overall budget to 24.5%.

Evoluo de platformo

FCAB GL26C-2 2005, 2010 and GT22CU-3 2402 Ascotan
FCAB GL26C-2 2005, 2010 and GT22CU-3 2402 Ascotan

In order to ensure that our technical systems can support our aspirations for equitable, global growth we will focus on ensuring that our platform and processes are ready and able to invite all of the world’s population to join us in the creation and sharing of free knowledge. This includes making our content more machine readable and scaling our ability to use relationships between content. We will work toward ensuring that people in emerging communities have the same level of performance for their contribution workflows as those in established communities. We will also work toward making Wikimedia application data easily discoverable and well-prepared to enable data-informed decision making, application development, and research by the community and the Foundation.

Resilienca kaj inkluda Fondaĵo

Wikimedia Foundation All Hands 2020 – Myleen Hollero
Wikimedia Foundation All Hands 2020 – Myleen Hollero

Our other focus area is strengthening our organizational capacities. A resilient, inclusive organization is essential to meet the needs of our growing global movement, and to champion free knowledge throughout the world. To champion free knowledge we maintain a massive and complex technical collaboration platform, steward Wikimedia’s public image, drive readership and use of Wikimedia content, fund a global network of volunteers and affiliates, and advocate for free knowledge around the world.

This year, we will continue to invest in creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Our work will include attracting and hiring top talent from a broad range of backgrounds. We will generate ownership and accountability for inclusion efforts across management tiers and strengthening a workplace culture where people feel valued and able to do their best work.

Furthermore, through targeted interventions aimed at supporting specific underrepresented groups, we will help create equitable outcomes for all staff members at the Wikimedia Foundation. We also seek to strengthen internal capabilities to make data-informed decisions—specifically the ability to allocate costs and measure the impact of initiatives across departments.

Videoj pri Jara plano

Wikimedia Foundation executives explain their contributions to this year's Annual Plan in this series of short videos. Subtitles are being made available in multiple languages.

Konversacioj pri Jara plano

Each executive hosted open conversation with community members to discuss their contributions to the Annual Plan. Community members were able to join and ask questions live, or submit questions ahead of time. Recordings of those conversations are linked below. Any follow-up questions from these conversations can be asked on this talk page.

Tempoplano de konversacioj

Titolo Parolantoj Transcript Recording
Annual Plan Conversations – Legal and Talent and Culture Departments Amanda Keton (General Counsel), Maggie Dennis (Vice President of Community Resilience and Sustainability), Vignesh Ashok (Vice President of Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion), & Robyn Arville (Chief Talent and Culture Officer) File on Commons Fluelsendo en YouTube
Annual Plan Conversations – Product and Technology Departments Toby Negrin (Chief Product Officer) and Tajh Taylor (Vice President of Data Science and Engineering) File on Commons Fluelsendo en YouTube
Annual Plan Conversations – Finance and Administration and Advancement Departments Jaime Villagomez (Chief Financial Officer) and Lisa Seitz-Gruwell (Chief Advancement Officer) File on Commons Fluelsendo en YouTube
Annual Plan Conversations – Communications Department Anusha Alikhan (Senior Director of Communications) and Mayur Paul (Director of Movement Communications) File on Commons Fluelsendo en YouTube

Annual Plan Objectives: Focus Areas

A complete list of all organizational objectives related to the Medium Term Plan, organized by Medium Term Plan priority area.

Font Awesome 5 solid bullseye Floranta movado

Focus area: Ensure Wikimedians have the systems and tools they need to succeed.

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 1: Wikimedians will have collaboratively and equitably built systems of governance to support effective movement management.
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 2: Our platform and our contributors will be better protected with improved movement management & curation tools (software and practices).
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 3: Wikimedians will have equitable access to key resources and information needed to advance movement goals.

Focus area: The Wikimedia world will become more welcoming to diverse contributors with systems encouraging global growth.

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 1: New contributors in underserved communities will feel welcomed and successful and continue to contribute over time.
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 2: Contributors in underserved communities will be empowered to grow and drive forward movement goals through grants, information, language and communication support and regionally oriented safety protocols in high risk areas.

Font Awesome 5 solid bullseye Evoluo de platformo

Focus Area: Provide technical systems to support equitable, global growth of our content and movement.

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 1: Our platform and processes are ready and able to invite all of the world's population to join us.
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 2: People in emerging communities have the same level of performance for their contribution workflows as those in established communities.
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 3: Wikimedia application data is easily discoverable and well-prepared to enable data-informed decision making, application development, and research by the community and the Foundation.

Font Awesome 5 solid bullseye Resilienca kaj inkluda Fondaĵo

Focus Area: Create a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace informed through data for continuous improvement.

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 1: Foundation leadership have access to organizational data, insights and dashboards for impactful decision making.
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 2: All staff will have access to engaging, accessible learning opportunities that drive the needed skills and capabilities for our mission.
Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objective 3: Foster a diverse, inclusive environment for staff which encourages and supports optimal engagement.

Font Awesome 5 solid bullseye Aliaj iniciatoj

Tutmonda legantaro

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objectives: Increase site utility amongst readers; Maintain utility for our existing editors; Ensure our content has a positive, meaningful impact on people's lives.

Konscio pri marko

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objectives: Strengthen the worldwide narrative of Wikipedia; Increase brand awareness of our projects and our social good mission in new markets so people join our movement.

Tutmonda advokatado

Font Awesome 5 solid chevron-right Objectives: Expand access to knowledge and champion fundamental rights online by influencing policymakers and inspiring the public to advocate for our agenda.

Celoj de Jara plano: Alia laboro

A list of other objectives outside the Annual Plan focus areas. Much of this represents continuing areas of work from previous years.

Vidu alian laboron
  1. Community Programs - Domain-specific communities of practice across the movement (EduWiki, GLAM-Wiki, content campaign organizers) experience more consistent, globally accessible support to share the impact of their programs, exchange knowledge, and spark collaboration.
  2. Fundraising - Raise $144.8M for the Foundation to ensure the Wikimedia movement has the resources it needs to thrive.
  3. Endowment - Raise $10M to the Endowment to ensure Wikimedia’s long term financial stability.
  4. Partnerships - Grow WMF's relationships with external entities in support of the annual plan in order to develop WMF's role as the infrastructure of free knowledge.
  5. Technical Community Building - Our technical community is thriving and has a clear, consistent means to discover, build, and deploy applications that support community workflows, invent new forms of content creation and consumption, and leverage Wikimedia's APIs and data beyond the core wiki experience.
  6. Culture, Equity and Team Practices: Modern and Inclusive Practices - Modern software practices and inclusive communication practices will remove or significantly reduce barriers to entry and collaboration, and streamline deployments for all technical contributors in the wiki ecosystem, enabling a faster path to innovation.
  7. Platform Excellence: Resilience - Our services, infrastructure and data are resilient to and/or quick to recover from unexpected malicious or non-malicious events.
  8. Data Destruction - Data Destruction policy is operationalized and executed.
  9. Planning - Build plans and strategies that move the Foundation toward our Strategic Direction.
  10. Business Operations Improvement - Improve the efficiency and efficacy of our business and operational workflows to maximize the return on investment, mitigate risks, and reflect our organizational values.
  11. Working Environments - Our working environments are productive, inclusive and sustainable.
  12. Executive Leadership - Create a high-performing Office of the Executive Director, that drives engagement, velocity, and growth, including an efficient and effective C-Team and an engaged and performant Board of Trustees.
  13. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance - The Foundation and movement are organized to do the work we need to do.
  14. Risk Management Program - Deliver effective organizational risk oversight and management program to recognize and respond to threats and opportunities.
  15. Financial Management, and Compliance - Manage our financial resources to enable the Foundation to achieve our programmatic objectives in compliance with all regulatory filing requirements to satisfy our tax exempt charitable status.
  16. Support Services 2.0 - Support services across the organization are aligned, equitable and creatively scaled and developed to meet the dynamic and growing support needs of our nonprofit organization.
  17. Internal Enterprise System Improvement - The Foundation’s Enterprise Systems are managed and enhanced in order to support a globally distributed workforce.
  18. All-Hands and staff convenings - Assemble staff in come together to celebrate successes, collaborate on work deliverables, and have fun.
  19. Recruiting - Attract a diverse candidate pool with inclusive practices to represent all of the regions that we aim to serve.
  20. Talent and Culture Partnerships and Support - Enhance the Talent and Culture team's capabilities, efficiencies and service excellence in order to establish the department as a trusted partner and reliable support to leaders and to staff.
  21. Employee Experience - All managers will be empowered with a suite of clear and optimized talent processes that enhance effectiveness of individual and organizational performance.


The following budget information comes from the Annual Plan, and is pasted here for translatability. Please refer to the plan itself for additional information.

Emfazitaj areoj de kresko de buĝeto

Total Expenses graph: Factoring in regular grants that are returning in this budget cycle, the full cost of staff hired mid-year, the return to limited travel and other costs create existing investments of approximately $125M. This will be complemented with new investments of approximately $25M. Total expenses will increase 34%, from $112M to $150M. In terms of new investments, the largest part is the increase for Thriving Movement.

Thriving Movement graph: The growth in Thriving Movement expenses reflects a large increase in grants to the movement along with additional investments in our Thriving Movement focus areas. It also reflects existing internal resources being redirected toward Thriving Movement objectives. Investment in Thriving Movement will increase 157%, from $14.3M to $36.7M.

Platform Evolution graph: The growth in Platform Evolution is to provide technical systems to support equitable, global growth such as through the addition of a caching center that serves Africa and the Middle East, as well as investing in the technical future of our projects. Investment in Platform Evolution will increase 329%, from $2.4M to $7.9M.

Total Expenses.
FY20-21 Projection versus FY21-22 Budget

Thriving Movement.
FY20-21 versus FY21-22

Platform Evolution.
FY20-21 versus FY21-22

In US$ million FY20-21 Preliminary Projection
(as of July 15, 2021)
Total revenue 157 150,0
Programmatic Expense 83 114,6
Fundraising 14 16,4
General & Administrative 15 19,0
Total Expenses 112 150,0

Kresko en subvencia buĝeto

The Grantmaking budget will increase +95% in FY21-22, which is a faster growth than the overall Foundation’s budget of +34%

Amount granted over time (in $ USD Millions)
  Budgeted grants   Estimated amount granted   Amount granted

Grant increases in FY21-22 include:

  • Funding the new grants strategy
  • Providing budget increases for all regions with the largest increases in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Funding for implementing Movement Strategy

Notes: Grants in FY20-21 were budgeted at a higher amount than was spent. COVID impacted grantee programs and movement events and some grantees requested small grants than previous years and/or underspent their grants as a result.
All amounts are based on when grants were awarded to grantees and this does not always match the timing of expenses under US GAAP, which is used in other charts and tables of our budget. For example, the amounts awarded FY20-21 (2021 in chart) were partially recorded as expenses in 2020 but awarded to our grantees in 2021, so listed here in 2021. Additionally, 2021 amounts are preliminary estimates.

More information is available on grants.

Programa proporcio

Prioritize investments in programmatic growth

FY 21-22 Budget
  Programmatic   General & Administrative   Fundraising

The programmatic budget category includes all of our work under the Medium Term Plan:

  • Worldwide Readership,
  • Thriving movement,
  • Platform evolution,
  • Brand awareness, and
  • Global Advocacy.

Plus our other work in:

  • Mission Support
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Shared Services

Disdivido: Programa

The Thriving Movement budget increased from $14.3M last fiscal year to $36.7M in this budget which represents an increase of $22.4M or 157%. Thriving Movement has grown from being 13.2% of the Foundation’s overall budget to 24.5%.

Technical Infrastructure includes all the engineering and technology needed to build and maintain our projects, platform, and internal infrastructure that is outside of our Medium-term Plan priorities like Worldwide Readership and Thriving Movement.

Shared Services include the functions that enable our other work, like Research, Communications, Operations, and Governance.

Mission Support includes the work we do in grants, partnership development, legal support, and community outreach outside of the MTP Priorities.

Floranta movado 24.5%
Teĥnika infrastrukturo 23.8%
Resilienca kaj inkluda Fondaĵo: Ĝenerale kaj administre 12.6%
Kunhavataj servoj 12.0%
Resilienca kaj inkluda Fondaĵo: Kvestado 10.9%
Evoluo de platformo 5.3%
Konscio pri marko 3.4%
Subteno por misio 2.9%
Tutmonda legantaro 2.5%
Tutmonda advokatado 2.1%