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Lionel Scheepmans[edit]

Lionel Scheepmans (Lionel Scheepmans)[edit]

Lionel Scheepmans (talk meta edits global user summary CA  AE)

Candidate details
Lionel 13.11.2019
Video statement in English. Here are French and Portuguese versions.
  • Personal:
    • Name: Lionel Scheepmans
    • Location: Walcourt, Belgium
    • Languages: French as native, English and Portuguese as good level and all textual world languages through my computer or smartphone ;o)
  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: june 2008 and very active since early 2011
    • Active wikis: fr.Wikiversity - fr.Wikipedia - Commons - ect
statement (Not more than 450 words) Finishing 10 years of Wikimedia ethnographic observation as PhD student in anthropology, I want to put this experience to good use on the Wikimedia board. on a voluntary basis, I would like to bring to the board my financial, historical and anthropological analysis skills, in a prospective way and in view of possible deviation from the Wikimedia mission.

I would particularly like to contribute to maintaining the free sharing mission of the movement and reduce as much as possible a certain drift already observable and due to mimicry of the surrounding commercial sector. I would also like to work with the team to improve the cooperation between the communities of volunteer contributors and the foundation, while ensuring the independence of the projects and preserving the movement from any form of elitism, domination and harassment.

And yes, I almost forgot. I am also part of the underrepresented group in the movement that are the parents of young children. As for me, I am part of those who are one week out of two as it is increasingly seen in my entourage. That's why I can invest myself in the movement. Wikimedia is indeed one of the few legacies I will be proud to pass on to future generations in a world where everything is destroyed by commodification.

Top 3 Board priorities 1. Ensure that the mission of the movement and the foundation is respected

2. Ensure transparency within the movement and the foundation

3. Ensure that the good governance of the movement and the foundation is respected

Top 3 Movement Strategy priorities 1. Governance

2. Cosmopolitanism

3. Awareness

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