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2007 board elections

Committee reports

Report from Election Committee, on July 1, 2007.


Day 3 : 2007/06/30

  • over 1700 users may have voted from the beginning.
  • Some technical problems happened and being fixed.
  • Translations are appreciated.


Since Day 1, June 28, 2007, about 1700 votes were casted. Those votes may include votes from one user but multiple projects, voluntary strikes by users themselves or involuntary strikes by Election Committee members, and undetected frauds.

Election Committee would appreciate every people who gave information about questionable votes. Currently all reports are positive to justify some in-a-glance-questionable votes, like possible votes from staffers at the Wikimedia Foundation Office, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Regretfully some language interface didn't work properly, and they may have gotten outdated candidate list (See #Bugs). Our developer is trying to fix it. We hope all community members can vote smoothly by now. If you meet this bug, please try to add "?uselang=en" for your URL. You may lead to the default and up-to-date setting, retaining your eligibility on the wiki you are active.

We appreciate all the people, who actively participate help troubleshoot and localize settings and spread information by all possible means.


  • [Outdated information] Getting wrong links with 2006 Election information is reported again from Hebrew project.
  • [No dump] It was reported dump didn't working from a certain period in Day 2. Our developer Tim Starling is supposed that it was probably a memory limit issue -- once the number of votes reached a certain value, the link would have stopped working. We are currently working to fix it.
  • [Certificate] We continue to work issues related to the Software in the Public Interest (SPI) signed security certificate.

Translation requests[edit]

  • [Settings] Localization of Boardvote files are going smoothly with many helpers. With past legacy, many language translators just had to add some updates, but some language translators, like Cantonese or Vietnamese, have fully created a set of files. We are grateful for their devotions. For details, visit MetaWikiPedia:Talk:Board elections/2007/Interface translation/diff.
  • [Candidates] Complete sets of candidate presentations are available in twelve language. We are still seeking for translators, particularly, into Arabic, Catalan, esperanto, Romanian and Russian languages.