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Raport Wikimedia, septemebrie 2013

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Repere din Raportul Fundaţiei Wikimedia şi Raportul de proiectare Wikimedia în septembrie 2013, cu o selecţie a altor evenimente importante din mişcarea Wikimedia

Reperele Fundaţiei Wikimedia

Siko Bouterse prezentand Granturile pentru Angajamentele Persoanelor Fizice (sedinta din 3 octombrie, la sediul Fundatiei, privind activitatile si setul de masuratori)

Au fost depuse 22 de propuneri pentru Granturile care se acorda Persoanelor Fizice care si-au asumat Angajamente

Granturile Fundatiei pentru Angajamentele Persoanelor Fizice sprijina persoanele fizice sau grupurile mici de persoane care lucreaza la proiectele care ajuta voluntarii Wikimedia sa-si desfasoare activitatea. Programul a demarat la inceputul anului 2013, iar cea de-a doua etapa de propuneri s-a incheiat pe 30 septembrie. Au fost depuse 22 de propuneri complete, iar suma totala solicitata pentru finantare este de 297,575 $. Sumele solicitate sunt intre 10$ si 30000$. Se doreste ca aceste propuneri sa aiba un impact asupra a 15 proiecte dinstincte Wikimedia - de cercetare, de realizare de instrumente, de realizare a contactelor offline, de organizare a comunitatii via online. Exemplele includ un proiect pentru “Reimaginarea activitatii de mentorat pe Wikipedia”, precum si activitati de asigurare a compatibilitatii intre gadget-urile folosite la editare cu noul Editor Vizual. In cursul lunii octombrie se verifica eligibilitatea proiectelelor prin discutii permanente in cadrul comunitatii pana pe 23 octombrie, cand comitetul va incepe revizuirea oficiala a eligibilitatii proiectelelor.

Comitetului de Diseminare a Fondurilor (FDC) primeste 11 propuneri pentru planul anual de granturi si re-evalueaza primul an de activitate

O alta componenta a WMF prin care se acorda granturi este Comitetul de Diseminare a Fondurilor (FDC) unde organizatii din cadrul Wikimedia pot solicita granturi de valoare mai mare care sa le sustina planurile anuale. Acest comitet, care revizuieste solicitarile si inainteaza recomandari catre Consiliul de Administratie, este alcatuit in intregime din voluntari sprijiniti de catre staful WMF. Cea de-a doua runda a FDC din anul 2013 s-a incheiat in septembrie cu un numar de 11 organizatii Wikimedia care au solicitat in total apropape 6 milioane de dolari americani. Utilizatorii Wikimedia sunt invitati sa participe la revizuirea propunerilor in perioada de revizuire de catre comunitatate, pana pe data de 31 octombrie.

De asemenea, staful Comitetului de Diseminare a Fondurilor (FDC) a mai lucrat si la pregatirea raportului anual 2012-2013, re-evaluand primul an de activitate, avand in vedere ca FDC s-a infiintat in 2012. Raportul include punctele de vedere ale Directorului Executiv al WMF, Sue Gardner, in ceea ce priveste activitatile desfasurate de FDC.

Community consultation about new privacy policy begins

The Foundation's Legal and Community Advocacy team announced the launch of the 4.5 month-long community consultation and feedback period (scheduled to conclude on 15 January 2014) for the new privacy policy draft. Feedback and discussion has been very fruitful thus far and have already helped improve the draft.

Data and Trends

Global unique visitors for August:

497 million (+0.97% compared with July; +8.90% compared with the previous year)
(comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will release September data later in October)

Page requests for September:

25.90 billion (+8.6% compared with August; +30.8% compared with the previous year)
(Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects including mobile access)

Active Registered Editors for August 2013 (>= 5 mainspace edits/month, excluding bots):

76,612 (-0.34% compared with July / -2.94% compared with the previous year)
(Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects.)

Report Card (integrating various statistical data and trends about WMF projects):




Wikimedia Foundation YTD Revenue and Expenses vs Plan as of August 31, 2013
Wikimedia Foundation YTD Expenses by Functions as of August 31, 2013

(Financial information is only available through August 2013 at the time of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date August 31, 2013.

Revenue $5,408,836
Engineering Group $2,515,199
Fundraiser Group $573,336
Grantmaking & Programs Group $607,306
Grants $502,420
Governance Group $130,722
Legal/Community Advocacy/Communications Group $533,787
Finance/HR/Admin Group $1,201,542
Total Expenses $6,064,312
Total (loss) ($655,476)

Revenue for the month of August is $2.29MM versus plan of $0.99MM, approximately $1.3MM or 133% over plan.

Year-to-date revenue is $5.41MM versus plan of $1.99MM, approximately $3.42MM or 172% over plan.

Expenses for the month of August is $3.34MM versus plan of $4.26MM, approximately $919K or 25% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, capital expenses, internet hosting, legal fees, grants, and travel expenses partially offset by higher payment processing fees.

Year-to-date expenses is $6.06MM versus plan of $7.69MM, approximately $1.63MM or 21% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, capital expenses, internet hosting, legal fees, grants, and travel expenses partially offset by higher payment processing fees.

Cash position is $38.75MM as of August 31, 2013.

Other movement highlights

Countries which participated in Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

The fourth edition of Wiki Loves Monuments took place from September 1 to September 30. The competition to upload freely licensed images of national monuments to Wikimedia Commons has become the world's largest photo contest. In November, an international jury will review the finalists from each country, and the global winning picture is expected to be announced in early December.

Indologist Heike Moser from the University of Tübingen (right) with a Wikimedian at the event marking the beginning of the cooperation, in Kerala, India

Indian Wikimedians and German university collaborate to digitize works of 19th century scholar

Community members from the Malayalam Wikipedia and Wikisource have formed a partnership with the University of Tübingen, Germany. The university holds an archive of the works of Hermann Gundert (1814–1893), a German missionary, scholar, and linguist (as well as the grandfather of German novelist and Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse). Gundert published numerous books in Malayalam, including a grammar for the language, and a Malayalam-English dictionary. The Malayalam Wikimedians will help to typeset scanned copies of these books, provided by the university.

Australian government agency supports Wikimedia cooperation with Paralympic Movement

A collaboration between the Australian Wikimedia chapter, the University of Queensland and the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) has been awarded funding from the Australian Research Council, a government agency. The project concerns the history of the paralympic movement and disabled sport in Australia, and aims to improve the coverage of these topics on Wikimedia projects.