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Wikimedia LGBT+

Communications and group support

Wikimedia LGBT+ utilizes these methods for communications:

  • Diskussionssida
  • Telegram
  • LGBT(_AT_) (email discussion list, low volume (non-archived)) – join here!
  • #wikimedia-lgbtWikimedia LGBT+ IRC Channel, low volume (non-archived)

Safe space and etiquette

Website policies apply for discussion on the LGBT+ meta-pages, refer to Meta:Civilty. Irrelevant topics may be removed if not part of the WM-LGBT+ user group projects or improvement.

All discussions off-wiki are maintained as supportive safe spaces for LGBTQ+ discussions about improving Wikimedia projects and making Wikimedia projects a more welcoming environment for contributors on LGBT+ topics and content. The Universal Code of Conduct applies to everyone taking part in our communications and discussions. Please ask in the channel or discussion if you would like to privately raise an incident with a channel administrator.

Participants in discussions have an expectation of privacy and anonymity which must be respected as part of maintaining a safe space. Discussions in private groups or personal messaging must have privacy respected apart from when there is agreement between parties otherwise, such as when working together on public projects. If in doubt, check first.

Non-English participation is welcome, and our discussions have significant international representation with many folx using English as a handy common language but not their own first language.

Test channels and depreciated channels

  • Wikimedia Chat (mattermost) - new-testing + for visibility in Wikimedia Chat listing (content held for 3 months)
  • Facebook