Wikimedia LGBT/2020-05-14

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This online meetup is open to all members of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

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The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy will be followed for this meeting.


  1. Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda Review (FULBERT)
  2. Request for Comment: Establishing of GRAY-grim WikiMedia LIST (zBlace)
  3. Google translate content related to gender and identity topics. How can our UG help fixing the problems there? (User Kawayashu)
  4. Updates to Wiki Loves Pride Press from 2018, 2019, 2020 (FULBERT)
  5. Question: Pride editing events this summer? (RachelWex)

Planning to Attend[edit]

  1. --- FULBERT (talk) 20:16, 10 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Zblace (talk) 05:49, 11 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  3. --Shikeishu (talk) 09:46, 11 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  4. --RachelWex (talk)
  5. --Kawayashu--Kawayashu (talk) 17:41, 11 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  6. --Pharos (talk) 15:05, 14 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  7. -- (talk)

Actually attended[edit]

  1. Rachel described the environment of libraries in the context of COVID
  2. Fae - in lockdown, 300 miles away from husband, UK universities seem to be in stunted growth. Google recently announced the shuttering of its diversity initiatives and I wonder if Wikimedia will similiarly neglect these in these times.
  3. Richard - reported Wiki Loves Pride winners. Wiki NYC had a symposium on COVID-19 and is hoping to do something similar for pride month.
  4. Lane--uncertain situation at UVA Charlottesville re fall classes online or in person, as well as enrollment in general--some students are skipping this year because they would rather skip a year of school and have a F2F experience
  5. Jeffrey - at PCORI as Wikimedian in residence. I am also at the State University of New york (SUNY) system which oversees 64 university / college campuses. There is already a planned 25% funding cut and there is wonder about whether some of these institutions can continue to exist if there are no in-person classes next year, and no funding.
  6. Z - I have good news! There was an effort to make something out of the Queering Wikipedia conference submission online. I submitted a grant propsal which got support to do a few videos and experiment with how to do ??? in the future. I have been in the same super rural place for the past two months. In Croatia there are fewer than 25 deaths per million and the number of positive people are shrinking because there are more recoveries than newly detected positives. Overall things look okay now, but I wonder about the prospects of a country which relies on tourism. There could be regional tourism with people coming in by car, but for the past 5 years tourism was big. The current government is pressing for quick elections in 40-50 days. I attended the online Wikimedia Hackathon this last weekend.
  7. Thomas - in Germany there are fewer cases. The popular media is discussing whether people can go for summer vacations in the mediterranean. I am busy trying to organize some online work for myself. I got a positive grant from Wikimedia Switzerland and I am also planning to do a project with Wikimedia Austria.


  1. countering fascism
    1. zBlace - it can happen that a Wikimedia project can become in social distress. There have been concerns in the past that some language Wikimedia projects have become co-opted by groups who do not share Wikimedia community values for inclusion, friendliness, and freedom of speech. Such projects may be homophobic, suppress content, encourage toxic content and stressful interaction. In Croatian Wikipedia there are claims that many administrators, perhaps 10, are pro-fascist. The Wikimedia Foundation is hands off in responding in any way, including having no obvious investigation, no comment. I am starting workshops in Croatia to encourage Wikipedia editing, and if these people come out of Wikipedia feeling traumatized for editing, then it makes no sense to encourage editing. Also, I got blocked on English Wikipedia for copyright issues and I need support.
    3. Rachel: I second the creation of a list. Where should it be? Public? on Wikimedia LGBT?
    4. Fae: there should be some place to log a case. There is a ticket to phabricator on the agenda.
    5. Nattes: there are several things - there are severe cases of harassment where it is good to keep information private because the people who report face retaliation. French Wikipedia has an experiment in reporting at Harassment does not stem from nowhere, and instead, it grows when a community allows it to happen without consequence.
    6. Should this move to meta? We could keep a list there.
    7. (comments) - it looks like people are commenting on phabricator
    8. Nattes: It is a complicated issue to see what is harassment and what is not. There are many complicated sub-issues. For example, some people do editing in conflict-prone Wikipedia topics, people who complain about behavior will themselves face attacks, it is challenging to seek support from administrators who themselves do not have training to respond, and people who apply for and receive grant funding from the Wikimedia Foundation to address conduct problems will find themselves the target of attacks.
    9. Zblace - we need some cues for surfacing where problem areas are. This would be like traffic lights tell people when to walk or stop, and similarly they could say how many reports of conflict there are in a given space.
    10. Nattes: I have heard about conflicts in the Croatian Wikipedia. I am concerned that if you tag a project as grey then there are good people in the project who will be upset.
    11. Zblace - this has been going on for 10 years and at this point most or all of the good people who will speak up have left because they are overpowered with the abduction of the project.
    12. Jeffrey: let's continue the conversation on Meta
    13. Zblace - Denny, who established Wikidata, was kicked off Croatian Wikipedia. that is an example of the level of absurdity which has taken over.
  2. documenting press
    1. Jeffrey: let's consider the press around Wiki Loves Pride
    2. Jeffrey: the Wiki Loves Pride documentation lists press attention. I have come to notice that this event appears in the media, but no one has collected all the media mentions
    3. Jeffrey: it could be the case that media attention has gone down, but perhaps there is media attention which is out there which we have not identified
    4. Jeffery: what mentions of wiki loves pride are there in general
    5. Rachel - Wiki Loves pride means different things to different people - for some it is a photo drive, for some it is editathons, some people do these things without the Wiki Loves Pride name
    6. search for wiki loves pride
    7. media to list?
      3. <--- not wiki loves pride but wiki LGBT (thanks Richard / Pharos)
    8. Nattes: is there a media box on the Wikimedia LGBT project page?
    9. Jeffrey: just what I posted on today's agenda
    10. see also
  3. Nattes - about translation of gender identity topics. Google has incorrect terms for many languages and does not have access to the right terms. Some pepole have asked google to change the search results.
    1. Jeffrey: this is challenging, bring to talk page
  4. Rachel - will we do online events for pride season? I would promote through twitter
    1. Nattes - recently there was a mass deletion of P91 (sexual orientation) tags on Wikidata. At the Wikimedia Hackathon a group of us tried to address the problem as documented on Wikidata. We also found lots of tags about heterosexuality kept. We coordinated this through the LGBT telegram chat. We made lots of jokes, and I wonder if there is a place for more jokes in community outreach.
    2. idea for pride month
    5. Presentation of the work done is on Youtube :
    6. telegram channel

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