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Fikojakojana ara-teknikan'i Wikimedia

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia maintenance notice and the translation is 44% complete.

Inona no mitranga?

The Wikimedia Foundation is in the process of transitioning its main services to a new data center in Virginia, USA. This is intended to improve the technical performance and reliability of all Wikimedia sites.

Mandritra ny fe-potoana fikojakojana, mety hanana olana ny milinao amin'ny fifandraisana amin'ny tranonkalan'i Wikimedia. Iharan'izany ihany koa ny tranonkala wikipedia.org

More information is available in the full announcement.

Inona no atao rehefa misy olana

  • Wait a few minutes; the tech team may be already aware of the issue and working on it. As long as you see the maintenance banner, it means maintenance is still happening.
  • Join the #wikimedia-tech channel on Freenode:
  • If you encounter an issue after the maintenance banner has disappeared, please report it on IRC, on this page's talk page or in our bug tracker (direct link).
  • If you are not familiar with IRC, our bug tracker, or Meta-Wiki, seek help from your fellow Wikimedians on your local community discussion page.

Thank you!