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For the latest Wikipedia v2 logo images and localizations, see commons:Wikipedia/2.0.

Logo discussions & votes

  • Logo (current logos, guidelines, localisation)
draft v.2 logo

The Wikipedia logo was revised in 2010, with a new 3D model correcting many of the errors below and a free font. This page was used for discussions about the current Wikipedia logo, as well as fixing the errors on the logo and the characters which go on the hidden portions of the logo as well as the two puzzle pieces on bottom.



An early attempt at deciphering the symbols on the ball. Several of these guesses were correct.

The puzzle logo includes 16 letters (graphemes) from 16 different alphabets, many of which — but not all — represent a letter from that alphabet that most closely resembles the English "W", as in "Wikipedia". The alphabets represented are as follows:

Armenian capital hiwn
(empty) (empty) (empty)
(empty) Japanese Katakana wa & i
Klingon r
(PUA[2] U+FE81 — "ﺁ")
Tibetan wa & i
Greek capital omega with tonos
Latin W
Arabic yeh with underdots
Devanagari va & i
Cyrillic capital short i
Korean Hangul
Mongolian Todo I
Kannada vi
(variation of va & i, which is ವೖ)
Hebrew resh
Thai cho ching

It has been suggested that some of these characters should be changed to reflect the actual spellings of "Wikipedia" in various languages. See Errors in the Wikipedia logo.

Proposed revision[edit]

  • The final proposal at Errors in the Wikipedia logo used the first character(s) in the Word Wikipedia in a native language using that script, and was as follows:
Armenian vew (U+054E) Վ      
Khmer vo+(i) (U+179C, U+17B7) វិ   Katakana u+(i) (U+30A6, U+30A3) ウィ Amharic we (U+12CD)
Tibetan (main page) wa+(i) (U+0F5D, U+0F72) ཝི Greek beta (U+03B2) β Wikipedia W (U+0057) W Arabic waw (U+0648) و
Devanagari va+(i) (U+0935, U+093F) वि Chinese (U+7DAD) Cyrillic minuscule ve (U+0432) в Hangul (U+C704)
Georgian vin (U+10D5) Kannada va+(i) (U+0CB5, U+0CBF) ವಿ Hebrew vav (U+05D5) ו Thai wo waen+(sara i) (U+0E27, U+0E34) วิ

Wikipedia languages with writing styles not represented[edit]

See also Wikipedia in other languages These are characters not represented in the above proposal, but still should be on the logo. We currently have Wikipedias in these languages, using these writing systems (notable exceptions include Javanese Wikipedia, which currently uses only Latin script, but is working toward making Javanese script available). They do not include different initial letters using the same writing systems (Cyrillic, Roman) which may be addressed in a later section. These characters will be placed on the additional puzzle pieces.

SVG Version of revisions (Wikipedia logo 2.0)[edit]

Latest updates at commons:Wikipedia/2.0

Each puzzle piece will be coded with a unique character. Current prevailing thought is that prominent pieces are more active Wikipedias (with a slight bias against the numerous scripts of the Indian subcontinent to prevent overwhelming from one specific area). Less prominent pieces will be smaller Wikipedias with the remainder of existing pieces for possible future Wikipedia character sets and letters in existing character sets representing Wikipedias that use different letters like Latin "U", "V" and Cyrillic "У". "Missing" pieces on the top of the globe may consist of characters for fantasy and archaic languages which will unlikely ever have active projects, like Klingon lettering and Hieroglyphics.

used in Nahuatl wikipedia
Tagalog wi Limbu wi
Tai Le wa

Proposed logos[edit]

Though not formally used, theses logos may be historically interesting.


  1. Apparently a typing error for u & i (ウィ).
  2. This character is in the Private Use Area of Unicode and may not display without the correct fonts.
  3. Due to a formatting error, the characters are reversed on the globe image, showing as (िव). There are problems with this in some web browsers as well.
  4. Given as capital i (И) in some logos; see this page for more information.