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This is part of the Wikilambda development plan.

This proposal is a draft and it is expected to see significant changes based on decisions and discussions with the communities and other stakeholders. Which, in turn, also means that comments and discussions are more than welcome in order to improve and shape the proposal.

In Abstract Wikipedia, Content is represented in a language-independent format which is directly editable by the community. The local Wikipedias can access and enrich their own locally controlled content with Content from Abstract Wikipedia. This way, the local Wikipedias can with much less effort provide much more content to their readers, content that is more comprehensive, more current, and more vetted than what most local Wikipedias can provide.

Given research results and prototypes in the area of natural language generation, it is unfortunately true that natural language generation from the language-independent Content requires a Turing-complete system. But in order to cover the number of languages Wikipedia needs to cover, this system must be crowdsourced. Therefore we introduce Wikilambda, a project to create, catalog and maintain a library of functions, which has many possible use cases. The main use case is the development of Renderers that turn the language-independent Content of Abstract Wikipedia into natural language, using the linguistic and ontological knowledge available in Wikidata.

The project will start with creating the Wikilambda project, and then use this in order to enable the creation of Abstract Wikipedia. Wikilambda will launch within the first year, and in the second year we add the development of Abstract Wikipedia. After two years, we will have created an ecosystem that allows for the creation and maintenance of language-independent Content and the integration of this content within the Wikipedias, significantly increasing coverage, currency, and accuracy of many individual Wikipedias. This will move us dramatically closer to a world where everyone can share in the sum of all knowledge.

Continued in Wikilambda name.