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Arab Wikimedians Committee/Expantion

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Arab Wikimedians Committee

A coordination board formed by the Arabic-speaking Movement affiliates.

Expantion & Memberships

     Users group     

Country or Territory Affiliate Name Affiliate Status Affiliate Representative Affiliate Contact
Morroco Wikimedia MA User Group UG Anass Sedrati (talk · contribs) wikimaug(_AT_)gmail.com
Algeria WikiDZ UG Bachounda Med wikidezed(_AT_)gmail.com
Tunisia Wikimedia TN User Group UG Sami Mlouhi (talk · contribs) wikimedia-tn(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org
Egypt Egypt Wikimedians UG Ahmed Mohi El din (talk · contribs)
Levant Wikimedians of the Levant UG عباد ديرانية (talk · contribs) wm-levant(_AT_)wikimedia.org
Iraq Iraqi Wikimedians UG Sarmad Yaseen (talk · contribs)
United Arab Emirates Wikimedians of United Arab Emirates User Group New member Zakaria Mimouni (talk · contribs)
Sudan Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan New Member Fatima exceptional (talk · contribs)