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This page is a translated version of the page Community Liaisons and the translation is 77% complete.

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コミュニティ連絡員 (Community Liaisons, CL; 旧称コミュニティ関与部門 (製品担当)) は財団がホストするコミュニティで交わされる読者、貢献者、ウィキメディア財団 (WMF) と 観衆及び技術部門の協働に尽くします。財団にはコミュニティの意向やソフトウェア製品に対する個別のニーズを連絡、コミュニティには当該のソフトウェアの開発の全段階を通じた連絡によりその採用を円滑にします。またウィキメディア財団2017-18会計年度年次計画において「製品開発とコミュニティの共同開発」プログラム (Community collaboration in product development) を推進しています。

その所属は財団のコミュニティ関与部門Technical Collaboration 技術共同開発チームです。


Community Liaisons at the fire department.png


  • 財団の観衆 (Audience) 及び技術部門とのコミュニケーションの取り持ち役として
  • テスティング、バグ報告、文章化の補佐役として
  • 発表やお知らせ、フィードバックの配達役として
  • 翻訳者に取り組んでほしいユーザーインターフェースと文書への誘導役として



  • 私たちの運動にまつわる複雑な問題の解決に向け、プログラム化された業務を行い長期的な成果を挙げる (例えば翻訳の戦略、知識の共有の拡張性など)。


  • サポート: 発表のロケーションや観衆、役割分担の計画、戦略的な展開に関わる意思決定をサポート。
  • 草案作りとその展開: 製品と技術関連のイベントでコミュニティに伝える内容の草案を練り実施する。
  • 他にない知識の提供: コミュニティの人間関係が内部の会話にどう働くか。

利用者のフィードバックを Phabricator チケットに変換してタスク化

  • オンウィキの要望や苦情、意見を変換してPhabricator のタスクに; 内容を明確にするため会話により詳細情報をお願いする、フィードバックと情報更新を提供、コミュニティの要望をサポートする。
  • 内部の説明文書を作成し更新することで比較のためにフィードバックを集め数値化する (数表その他の文書形式で提供)。


  • Triage and other kind of technical meetings—announcing and handling the posting of logistical information, facilitating.
  • IRC office hours—staffing product and engineering initiatives when requested, handling publicity and followup to users.


  • Individual product newsletters. The visual editor bulletin, the largest of publications, is delivered to 480+ individual subscribers and 460+ project pages. The most recent one is Collaboration's newsletter (sign up!).
  • Tech/News —a weekly workflow. Over the past years, the readership of Tech News has been growing steadily to over 550 individual subscribers (be one of them!), and over 75 community pages (like the English Wikipedia's Technical Village pump).


  • Sourcing and engaging translators of interface messages and other documentation.
  • Translathons—initiating and engaging volunteer editors in translating documentation pages so that users understand new products.
  • Newsletters and other non-periodic communications—marking the page and sending out call for translations.


  • On-wiki and off-wiki surveys around individual products (such as the visual editor's Papercuts-style survey).
  • Polls around what users want to see built (such as AllOurIdeas).


  • Decision-making conversations (like RfCs) about product requests.
  • Community consultations to determine needs for product development.
  • Connecting users and product teams by directing users to the right teams and venues to find more information and supporting/facilitating online conversations.


  • Ensuring proper coverage of other teams' initiatives where needed and possible, such as during 2015 strategy consultation.
  • Other short-term tasks as needed to support organizational priorities.


  • 製品デモでユーザーに使用事例と新機能を紹介。
  • コミュニティの皆さんと製品チームの職員をつないで紹介し、協議を円滑にする。
  • ウィキマニアや地域および支部・国別協会のカンファレンス—個別の製品、またはコミュニティと WMF が効果的に共同開発できる方法にまつわる正規のセッションならびに協議を行う。
  • ボランティア個人や支部・国別協会のメンバーあるいは業務委託先の人とミーティングを行い、助言したりイベント運営などを支援する。



Quim Gil (Qgil)
Quim は2012年11月よりウィキメディア財団に勤務。
Benoît Evellin (Trizek)
グローバル共同開発チーム編集部; 技術ニュース副リーダー
Benoît hails from the French Wikipedia, where he started to contribute in May 2008. Since 2011, he is contributing on his wiki to community efforts to help new users on their first steps, by increasing interactions, rewriting help pages and promoting new editing products. He joins the Foundation in May 2015, to work on the visual editor on small wikis and then moved to the Global Collaboration team products (mostly StructuredDiscussions and New filters for Edit Review). He is also active in outreaching and documentation.
Sandra Fauconnier (SandraF)
Sandra (Spinster in her volunteer capacity) started editing English Wikipedia in 2003. More recently, she also became active on Dutch Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. She works for the Structured Data on Commons project, supporting the communities and the product development teams at the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany.
Johan Jönsson (Johan)
ハイテクコミュニティ 技術ニュース編集リーダー
Johan (User:Julle in his volunteer capacity) has been a Wikimedia editor since 2004. He's mainly active on Swedish Wikipedia but has written articles in around a dozen languages and sometimes employs his mediocre photographing skills for Wikimedia Commons, when no one better suited is around. He will mainly be working with Community Tech, as well Analytics and TechOps. He also writes and edits Tech/News.
Chris Koerner (CKoerner)
Chris has been involved in the MediaWiki community since 2011 when he inherited two internal wikis while at a large healthcare provider. Shortly after he jumped into the community as a member of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group. He thinks everyone should use MediaWiki. He's also a small-time editor on English Wikipedia and a tiny contributor to Wikimedia Commons.
Erica Litrenta (Elitre)
編集部門 VisualEditor担当
Erica has been in the Movement since 2005, mostly active at the Italian Wikipedia and on the Italian queues of OTRS. She joined the Foundation in 2013 and is primarily liaising for the visual editor on most of the Wikipedias where it's already enabled as the primary editor.
Keegan Peterzell (Keegan)
Keegan has been an editor on the English Wikipedia since 2005 and an administrator since 2006. He's also an Oversighter and CheckUser there. Globally he's an OTRS administrator and a Global Renamer. A former Community Liaison, Keegan's job now involves documenting best practices for working with communities and consulting on community collaboration.
Sherry Snyder (WhatamIdoing)
編集部門 VisualEditor 担当
Sherry has been a regular editor at the English Wikipedia since 2007, and she's been in the top 500 most prolific editors of all time for a couple of years. Her interests run from medicine to pastry to education, with odd points in between, but she also spends a lot of time working as a metapedian. She's the go-to liaison for the visual editor on English-speaking WMF projects. She's fond of flowers that look like dandelions, but actually aren't.
Nick Wilson (Quiddity)
Nick has been an editor since 2005, helping with everything from page and site redesigns to informal mediation. He lives in Canada, and is interested in anything related to words, felines, connections, and design. Since late 2013, he's been working as the liaison for Flow, and various smaller changes.




  • 技術大使としてボランティアする;
  • 技術翻訳者としてボランティアする;
  • http://wikimedia.org/research へのリンクを話題にして、ユーザー調査が行われた時に誰でも協力できると知らせる (ウィキでの経験はあってもなくてもOK。)



コミュニティ連絡員チームに提案や賛同や質問、あるいは知らせたい問題はありませんか? cep@lists.wikimedia.org宛てにメールでお知らせください。

プロダクト管理者には事務用ウィキ経由で連絡員チームにサポートを頼む方法のほか、関連のあるテンプレートが Phabricatorにあります。


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Quim Gil
Senior Manager, Technical Collaboration
Benoît Evellin
Community Liaison (International)
Sandra Fauconnier
Community Liaison (International)
Johan Jönsson
Community Liaison (International)
Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Erica Litrenta
Senior Community Liaison (International)
Keegan Peterzell
Technical Collaboration Specialist
Sherry Snyder
Community Liaison (Contractor)
Nick Wilson
Community Liaison (International)