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Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Multimedia and Commons/Track changes of files and metadata

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Track changes of files and metadata

  • Problem: As a GLAM institution I would like to keep track of what changes to files and metadata are being done after upload. Both to get statistics which might be relevant for further involvement, but also to see if there are changes that could also be brought back to our own databases.
  • Who would benefit: GLAMs (statistics might also be useful for Wikimedia affiliations and in some cases individual users)
  • Proposed solution: A tool on labs that accept a collection of files (at least Category, but also files from a user, pagepiles etc. could be relevant). Stats could include number of new versions of files, changes to file descriptions, changes to categories, changes/additions of coordinates etc. If these changes also were available in a machine readable way (eg. a list of added and removed categories for each edit) it would be great.
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