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Wikibreak/OoO notification autoresponder

  • Problem: I get pings or email messages from people trying to inform me about things, or trying to ask me without going to my user page and/or my talk page. Sometimes, they ping/message me when I'm on a break (which they aren't necessarily aware of). They get frustrated when I'm not reacting.
  • Proposed solution: A new notification. If I do [something] (a preference? a template on my user page?) anyone who pings me or messages me will have a notification informing "the user you've just reached out to is on a break and may not respond soon".
  • Who would benefit: Volunteers responsible for maintaining things (like tools and gadgets), any Wikimedia organization staff, contractors, board members, etc. (affiliate, WMF), and broadly speaking, any functionaries
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  • Proposer: Tar Lócesilion (talk) 00:39, 24 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]