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India fundraising campaign 2023[edit]

Every year the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) runs fundraising campaigns in different parts of the world from the US, to Latin America, to Australia, and Japan. From the 22nd of August to the 19th of September the WMF will be running the annual banner fundraising campaign on English Wikipedia in India for non-logged in readers. This page is for you to explore and provide input in the Indian fundraising campaign.

Why do we fundraise for Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects?[edit]

People give to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Projects for many different reasons. The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that operates Wikipedia, ensures that every donation we receive is invested back into serving Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects, and our free knowledge mission.

  • We’re a nonprofit, and readers and donors around the world keep us independent.
  • Wikipedia along with our other projects serves millions of readers and runs at a fraction of the cost of other top websites.
  • Reader donations support the technology that makes Wikipedia possible and improvements to how people read, edit, and share knowledge on Wikipedia.
  • We’ve evolved to meet new needs in a changing technology landscape and respond to new global threats.
  • We manage our finances responsibly and balance Wikipedia’s immediate needs with long-term sustainability.
  • Supporting Wikipedia means you’re helping it become more representative of all the world’s knowledge.
  • Contributions from readers keep us going.

You can read more in this Medium post.

Investments in the Indian community[edit]

During the last years, several projects were funded by the WMF to help the Indian community thrive and grow. These projects have had an impact at a South Asia regional level as well with credits going to various community members who prioritized regional level engagement.

Have a look at some of those:

Together we make the fundraising campaign better[edit]

To ensure a strong start to the campaign, the WMF fundraising team is inviting ideas and input ahead of the campaign to prepare for the launch. Please add any comments, suggestions, questions, thoughts, and general ideas to the talk page. Alternatively, if you'd rather get in touch directly, please email Julia Brungs at jbrungs at wikimedia dot org.

We’ve recently added an invitation to create an account and try editing wikipedia into our donation flow in India. The call-to-action is on our ‘Thank You page’, which donors see immediately after donating online. Interested donors will be directed to account creation pages, and then land on a homepage with newcomer features. This addition may cause you to see some new editors on English Wikipedias moving forward, especially during our annual fundraising campaign on English Wikipedia in India. If you have any questions around this, please use our talk page.

If you encounter people with questions about donating, you can ask them to email donate@wikimedia.org.

Julia will be hosting a conversation hour where you can drop in and talk about the campaign with Julia directly. This will take place:

  • Sunday, 23th of April at 19:30 ISTMeeting link
  • An additional call will be hosted closer to the campaign date

Current banner examples – share your input and creativity[edit]

Below you find our current example banners for the upcoming campaign in India. We welcome ideas you may have to better reach readers in India this year.

Desktop large

Add your feedback below

Desktop small

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Mobile large

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Mobile small

Add your feedback below

Read what some of the donors from the last campaign in India said:

Happy to donate. I am a heavy user of Wiki. And I believe Wiki is playing a critical role in the preservation of truth in information dissemination.

I wanted to support the Wikimedia Foundation with a portion of my first income for all the help I have received from Wikipedia over the years with school and otherwise. Thanks for this initiative and for helping me with all my school assignments.

Please add any comments, suggestions, questions, thoughts, and general ideas to the talk page. Alternatively, if you'd rather get in touch directly, please email Julia Brungs at jbrungs at wikimedia dot org or on Julia’s meta talk page.

Additional resources[edit]

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