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freenode上维基媒体的IRC频道内,IRC隐身衣可以将您的IP地址或主机名用显示您所附属或参与的项目的名称的“隐身衣”取代。例如,alex@ 将在几个IRC相关消息显示为 alex@wikimedia/AlexZ(IRC相关消息包括/who/whois ,以及在您加入、暂时离开和离开的提示信息,具体取决于收到消息的客户端) 。许多人使用IRC隐身衣是因为暴露的IP地址往往属于敏感或私人信息;但请注意,使用隐身衣并不能保证可以安全地隐藏您的IP地址。对于IP地址可见性有疑虑的用户,应该使用VPN 或 bouncer/VPS。[1]


  • Verification on IRC: The primary reason to use a cloak is to prove that you are the user on-wiki who you say you are on IRC. For example, jwales' wikipedia/Jimbo-Wales cloak shows that he is who he says he is, as you cannot add a fake cloak onto yourself.
  • Community pride: According to Rob Levin, the late founder of freenode, user cloaks are a way to show off your pride as a Wikimedian to those who see you in other IRC channels, and are intended to help build a sense of community.


The following people are involved in communicating with freenode staff about authorizing the use of a Wikimedia user cloak (the Wikimedia Group Contacts):

All cloaks must conform to the DNS hostname specification as described in RFC 1034 and RFC 1035. They may include upper- and lower-case Latin characters, Arabic numerals and dashes. They may not include spaces or underscores; hyphens should be used instead.

  • As of February 2005, language codes in any Wikimedia cloak are no longer allowed. All cloaks will take the form of project/Username. Name conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • As of March 2006, contacts may set cloaks for Wikimedia projects other than Wikipedia. See the list below, and if your project isn't listed, speak to a contact.


可以通过发送以下私信消息来请求隐身衣:/msg wmopbot cloak,并遵循所给的说明。请只提交“一个”要求。重复提交可能会导致您的请求被拒绝。

如果你没有freenode账户,您必须 [1]。我们项目的隐身衣只为满足以下要求的用户颁发:

  • 用户必须有一个经过验证的电子邮件地址(一次性电子邮件是不可接受的)
  • 用户必须在维基媒体项目上至少进行过250次编辑
  • 用户必须注册一个维基媒体项目帐户至少三个月
  • 用户当前不能被任何项目禁制

The requirements are designed to prevent abuse of cloaks around freenode. It is hoped that the vast majority of the time they won't prevent genuine contributors from getting cloaks, but in the meantime while waiting to meet these requirements it is pointed out that unaffiliated cloaks can be acquired from freenode staff by asking staff listed on /stats p. Wikimedia Foundation staff are automatically exempt from the requirements for edit count and account age.

请注意您将只有在请求出现问题或错误时被一位 组联络员联络,您在其他情况下不会被通知。


當您獲得隱身衣後,您必須要向NickServ認證您的身分,以啟用隱身衣。請輸入/msg nickserv identify <your password>或將您的認證密碼在您的IRC用戶端設定好。


[21:00] » Join: An_IRC_User (~User@
[21:00] × Quit: An_IRC_User (~User@ (Changing host)
[21:00] » Join: An_IRC_User (~User@wikimedia/Example)



In the past, only Wikipedia cloaks have been offered; these cloaks took the form of wikipedia/Username (your cloak is made of your on-wiki username, not your IRC nickname). Users are now permitted to request a project specific cloak (but not a language-based cloak) using the normal system.

Cloaks may (depending on your preference):

  • Have the first letter of your username be upper or lower case
  • Be entirely in lower case
  • Begin with a letter and contain only DNS compliant characters a–z, A–Z, 0–9 and the hyphen (-)


  • wikipedia/Username
  • wiktionary/Username
  • wikiquote/Username
  • wikisource/Username
  • wikispecies/Username
  • wikibooks/Username
  • wikinews/Username
  • wikiversity/Username
  • wikivoyage/Username
  • wikidata/Username
  • wikimedia-commons/Username
  • wikimedia/Username [2]
  • mediawiki/Username [3]


  1. About the security of cloaks on freenode
  2. For users who participate in multiple projects or are affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation.
  3. For MediaWiki developers with +2 access or otherwise sufficiently involved with MediaWiki development.