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Wikimedians in New England

New England Wikimedians is a Wikimedian user group representing all Wikimedians in New England, recognized on December 30, 2013.

This user group provides outreach and assistance to individuals and groups in the New England region who are interested in hosting Wikimedia-related events such as group discussions and edit-a-thons.


Wikimedia New England includes the greater Boston area, as well as the New England states. As a regional usergroup, it serves to encourage Wikimedians in the area to get to know each other, as well as foster support for events in the region.

New England and Boston is distinctive for having a very large number of prominent colleges and universities, as well as cultural institutions such as libraries and museums. Many of these universities and institutions have a rich tradition of Wikimedia activities, including faculty who use and teach Wikipedia in their classrooms, librarians who run edit-a-thons, trainings and other events, and museums who have been involved in GLAM projects and edit-a-thons. Many (though not all) of these activities are reflected in the usergroup reports, and people in the area working with Wikimedia are encouraged to add the activities they have done. Members of the Wikimedian community who are experienced with edit-a-thons and classroom projects are always happy to work with institutions locally who are interested in doing projects.

The New England usergroup has also been home to many active editors and Wikimedians working independently over the years. Before the usergroup was formally recognized by Wikimedia, there was a long tradition of meetups in the area, dating to 2004. Wikimedians in the area also hosted Wikimania 2006, the second international Wikimedia conference, which helped catalyze many efforts in the area and beyond. The Wikimedia Boston mailing list serves as our primary vehicle for communication.


Events are primarily organized on English Wikipedia and are announced there & on our mailing list. Historically, editing events and workshops have been hosted at several of the many colleges, universities and museums in Greater Boston and beyond, as well as an occasional meetup at a cafe, university or park for interested Wikipedians. Please join us if you are in the area, and if you would like to organize your own event in the area, Be Bold & let the group know!

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    The New England Wikimedians organize events in and around New England.

    We hosted Wikimania in 2006, and hold regular editathons on campuses around Boston.