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This is the page for a proposed chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation for California. Anyone is welcome to help make this a reality. Just sign on the roster if you want to help!

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There is a knowledge gap about Wikimedia, especially with regards to the schools. Work remains to be done in California to fill that gap. By helping to make this chapter a reality, you can help bring the Wikimedian mission to our brothers and sisters in California. We can bring a knowledge revolution to the state of California and make it the most educated state in the Union. To modernize the famous quote by JFK, "Ask not what wiki can do for you, but what you can do for wiki".

To do[edit]

Further information: Step-by-step chapter creation guide

  1. Write a mission statement in line with
    1. There is a discussion about the purpose and goals of the Chapter on the mailing list
    2. Proposed: The mission of the Wikimedia California Chapter is to assist the Foundation in empowering and engaging people around the world by implementing software and hardware systems to provide, and holding events to encourage collection and development of, educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate them effectively and globally.
  2. Write the bylaws
    • We could model our bylaws after the bylaws of Wikimedia New York City except that they require face-to-face business meetings, and we want to be able to conduct chapter business on-wiki
  3. Prepare an initial set of Foundation grant applications, which may help clarify questions about anticipated projects (note: these applications are nominally due May 15)
  4. Submit bylaws to the Chapters Committee for approval
  5. Register with the authorities
  6. Also adopt the Foundation's values statements, perhaps with an addition saying we are opposed to inequality and other causes of the digital divide?

Mailing list[edit]

The Chapter mailing list is Click here to subscribe to this list, and be connected to Chapter discussions and updates. There are (Archives) of all mailing list discussion that can be used to catch up on previous discussions.

Roster (Join the cause!)[edit]

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