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Research and etherpads[edit]

I'm designing a research participation framework based on etherpads with the wikiversity (french for now). As I consider the pads as "research material" describing the participation (its articulation, chronological observation), I intend to "store them". But to enable collaborative research, make these material freely available (under cc-by-sa) seems important.

For now, I simply made the pad content available [1] But I'd like to store the ".etherpad" export in order to keep colors, keyboard-chatting, and chronological evolution. For instance this pad 'time-framed' with the webinar live on youtube[2] stress out the contributors behaviors giving keys to re-design the next participation experiment.

Would wikimedia see interest in "storing" research material (such as etherpads) ?

Do any "wikimedian researchers" have on-going work in this field ?


--RP87 (talk) 11:47, 8 November 2018 (UTC)