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Política de privacidade da Fundação Wikimedia Discussão
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Esta é a página de discussão para discutir a política de privacidade da Wikimedia.
entre em contato com o Ombudsman Comissão se você deseja relatar uma violação de política de privacidade.

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O que muda?

Muitos comenta a sob perguntar sobre qual é novo neste esborrany enquanto comparado à política de privadesa actual. Para ajudar novo folks só unindo a conversação, temos perfilat as mudanças principais nesta caixa. Mas sentir livre de unir a discussão sobre estas mudanças aqui.

As a general matter, because the current privacy policy was written in 2008, it did not anticipate many technologies that we are using today. Where the current policy is silent, the new draft spells out to users how their data is collected and used. Here are some specific examples:

  1. Cookies: The current policy mentions the use of temporary session cookies and broadly states some differences in the use of cookies between mere reading and logged-in reading or editing. The FAQ in the new draft lists specific cookies that we use and specifies what they are used for and when they expire. The draft policy further clarifies that we will never use third-party cookies without permission from users. It also outlines other technologies that we may consider using to collect data like tracking pixels or local storage.
  2. Dados de localização: Considerando que a política actual não se ocupa da coleta e uso de dados de localização, o projecto da política assinala como se pode enlaçar a localização de seu dispositivo através das tecnologias GPS e similares, os metadatos das imagens carregadas, e as direcções IP. Também explica como podemos utilizar esses dados.
  3. Information we receive automatically: The current policy does not clearly explain that we can receive certain data automatically. The new draft explains that when you make requests to our servers you submit certain information automatically. It also specifies how we use this information to administer the sites, provide greater security, fight vandalism, optimize mobile applications, and otherwise make it easier for you to use the sites.
  4. Limited data sharing: The current policy narrowly states that user passwords and cookies shouldn’t be disclosed except as required by law, but doesn’t specify how other data may be shared. The new draft expressly lists how all data may be shared, not just passwords and cookies. This includes discussing how we share some data with volunteer developers, whose work is essential for our open source projects. It also includes providing non-personal data to researchers who can share their findings with our community so that we can understand the projects and make them better.
  5. Never selling user data: The current policy doesn’t mention this. While long-term editors and community members understand that selling data is against our ethos, newcomers have no way of knowing how our projects are different from most other websites unless we expressly tell them. The new draft spells out that we would never sell or rent their data or use it to sell them anything.
  6. Notificações: Introduzimos notificações depois que a política atual foi elaborada. Então, sem surpresa, isso não é mencionado. O novo rascunho explica como as notificações são usadas, que às vezes podem coletar dados por meio de pixels de rastreamento e como você pode desativá-los.
  7. Scope of the policy: The current policy states its scope in general terms, and we want to be clearer about when the policy applies. The new draft includes a section explaining what the policy does and doesn’t cover in more detail.
  8. Surveys and feedback: The current policy doesn’t specifically address surveys and feedback forms. The new draft explains when we may use surveys and how we will notify you what information we collect.
  9. Procedures for updating the policy: The new draft specifically indicates how we will notify you if the policy needs to be changed. This is consistent with our current practice, but we want to make our commitment clear: we will provide advance notice for substantial changes to the privacy policy, allow community comment, and provide those changes in multiple languages.

This is of course not a comprehensive list of changes. If you see other changes that you are curious about, feel free to raise them and we will clarify the intent.

The purpose of a privacy policy is to inform users about what information is collected, how it is used, and whom it is shared with. The current policy did this well back when it was written, but it is simply outdated. We hope that with your help the new policy will address all the relevant information about use of personal data on the projects.

YWelinder (WMF) (talk) 01:07, 6 September 2013 (UTC)