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Long Wikimedia Foundation dispela taim wanpela liklik staff hu getim moni, wokim aut long bikpela ofis long San Francisco, California, Ol Yunaitet Stets. Sampela memba bilong staff olsem wokim na sampela ples. Wanpela manmeri raitim pes long Wikipedia, igat no moni (emi bin "volunteer"), dispela manmeri olsem bilong Board of Trustees.

(Fotograf, emi bin linkim na gutpela kwaleti.)

Olpela depatmen:
LidaTeknolosiStrategyKomunitiBildim na ol WolFinans na AdministresenHuman resosPolisi na olpela pasin


Lida bilong olpela pasin
Sue Gardner

Manmeri hu halvim lida long olpela pasin / spikim long bod
James Owen

Deputi bos long olpela pasin
Erik Möller

Dana Isokawa
Manmeri hu halivim long Ofis long Lida na Deputi bos.


Danese Cooper
Bikpela ofisa na olpela Teknikol ting.
Danese Cooper

Lead Platform Architect
Tim Starling

Alolita Sharma

Director of Mobile and Special Projects
Tomasz Finc

Software Developer
Ariel Glenn

Erik Zachte
Data Analyst
Erik Zachte

Software Developer - Fundraising

Rob Lanphier

Parul Vora
Interaction Designer - Wikipedia Usability Project
Parul Vora

Neil Kandalgaonkar

Lead Software Architect
Brion Vibber

Sumana Harihareswara
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Sumana Harihareswara

Mark Hershberger
Mark Hershberger

CT Woo
Director of Technical Operations

Operations Engineer

Mark Bergsma

Michael Dale
Open source video collaboration technology - sponsored by Kaltura, Inc. (see related blog post)
Michael Dale

Ryan Lane
Operations Engineer
Ryan Lane

Software Developer - Fundraising
Arthur Richards

User Interface Designer
Brandon Harris

Lead Front-end Developer, UX Programs
Trevor Parscal

Guillaume Paumier

Carrie Smith
Administrative Assistant to the Technology Department

Software Developer - Mobile

Asher Feldman
Performance Engineer


Howie Fung
Special Projects Manager, Global Development
Howie Fung

Dario Taraborelli
Senior Research Analyst, Strategy


Chief Community Officer
Zack Exley

Sara Crouse
Head of Partnerships and Foundation Relations
Sara Crouse

Head of Reader Relations
Philippe Beaudette

Community Department Operations Manager

Siko Bouterse
Community Department Fellowships Program


Matthew Roth


Head of Annual Fundraiser
Megan Hernandez

Head of Public Outreach
Frank Schulenburg

Bryony Jones
Program Assistant, Community

Fellowship Recipient

Maryana Pinchuk
Research Fellow

Community Associate

Community Fellow

Ryan Faulkner
Research Analyst, Fundraiser

Development Associate

Bildim na ol Wol

Chief Global Development Officer
Barry Newstead

Head of Communications
Jay Walsh

Moka Pantages
Global Communications Manager
Moka Pantages

Head of Global South Relationships

Head of Business Development
Kul Wadhwa

Special Projects Manager, Global Development

Mani Pande
Head of Global Development Research

Program Assistant, Global Development

Data Analyst & Researcher
Nimish Gautam

Amit Kapoor
Senior Manager, Mobile Partnerships

Finans na Administresen

Tony Le

Svetlana Istrati
Accounting Specialist

Melanie Brown
Assistant to the Chief Culture and Talent Officer,
General Counsel, Chief Financial Operations Officer

Office Assistant

Jon Davis
Office IT Manager

Olpela ting na Lo

Geoff Brigham
General Counsel and Legal Coordinator

Michelle Paulson
Associate Counsel

Human resos

Cyn Skyberg
Chief Talent and Culture Officer
Cyn Skyberg

Janice Tud
Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Manager
Daniel Phelps

Polisi na olpela pasin

More information: Polisi na olpela pasin
LiAnna Davis
Communications Associate

Annie Lin
Campus Team Coordinator

Mishelle Gonzales
Project Assistant

Sage Ross
Online Facilitator

Amy Roth
Research Analyst

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