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The Wikimedia Resource Center is a hub designed to be a single point of entry for Wikimedians all over the world to access specific Wikimedia resources, as well as to bring knowledge exchange systems to a centralized location to reduce searching for shared movement resources.

How to use the resource center[edit]

Click through the tabs on the left to find the resources that best suits your needs. In those subpages, you will find an overview of the tab: what resources it groups, how you can use them and who to contact if you need further assistance. Read the Help page for more detailed information on how to navigate through the resource center for the first time!

What to expect[edit]

This hub should help you find the resources you need and its goal is to empower Wikimedians to do their work. Each tab has an introduction to the resources you will find, and links to the main portals where those resources live. Resources vary: from guides and toolkits to implementing programs, to grants, to how to report a bug, and more. We tried to make it as wide a spectrum as there are needs for support! If you think something is missing, please take a short time to give feedback. You can do this on the Talk Page or via a third party survey that shouldn't take you more than 4 minutes. Your feedback is very important to improve this resource center.
The Wikimedia Resource Center should not be considered as a hub for permanent online support, nor should immediate response be expected by posting questions or comments in the Talk Page. It is also not a directory of Wikimedia Foundation teams.