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Art and Feminism x WikiGap x Wikifundi[edit]

Art and Feminism Campaign in the Philippines 2022 has officially started on March 11, 2022! Wiki Advocates PH editors visited the Raul S. Roco Library and created draft articles on Wikifundi. Several works of women writers and activists will soon be found on Central Bikol and Tagalog Wikiquote. Let’s all celebrate Women!

Coffee Painting Workshop[edit]

As part of the Art and Feminism campaign in the Philippines this year, the Wiki Advocates PH conducted a Coffee Painting Workshop on March 25, 2022 led by visual artist/editor Bianca Brazal. Participants are all active contributors in wiki projects, Wikiquote, Wikimedia Incubator, Wiktionary, to name a few. Artworks will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons for free use as part of the open knowledge advocacy of the group.

Art and Feminism Capacity Building[edit]

The team's capacity building took place last April 1-2, 2022. Sessions include discussion on Wiki projects, involvement of females in the volunteer works, the possibility of offline edit-a-thon through the Wikifundi, and other future plans of the group. This was attended by 13 participants, some of them have already been part of the first Art and Feminism campaign in the Philippines, and two artists who were commissioned to do the last year's portraits of feminists and artists were also present.

Earth Day Celebration: Art and Feminism x WikiForHumanRights[edit]

In celebration of Earth Day, the team has come up with a hybrid workshop and information awareness on environmental awareness, feminism, and concluding the event with a fun coffee painting session. A total of 21 female participants have attended the event, and 12 members of Wiki Advocates Philippines were also present.

Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island[edit]

The community members of the Wiki Advocates Philippines have looked forward to the Open Access Learning Portal installation in places in the Philippines with low to no data connections. After a year of preparation, the group was able to initially launch the project on one of the public schools situated on Catanduanes Island. Four hours of land travel from Pasacao, Camarines Sur to Tabaco City port, and another three hours of sea travel boarding the Calixta VI ferry to reach the San Andres, Catanduanes port, and finally the group was able to get to the island. A Kiwix device was donated to Bislig Elementary School, composed of ten school teachers and a population of 200-plus students. Eleven volunteers have conducted teachers' training on Wikimedia projects and Offline Wikipedia along with the donation of the device. The teachers, even with the absence of data connection, were able to try the editing experience through the Wikifundi software which was installed on the device. There was also a brief discussion on how Art and Feminism initiatives bridge the gender gap in Wiki projects. The possibility of creating the Catangduanon Wiktionary project was also considered to be part of future initiatives and collaboration.

Volunteer Reflections[edit]

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Annle123 (Volunteer) * YamPikit (Volunteer) * Roronoa Erica (Volunteer) * Cjay Barrameda (Volunteer) *
BiancaBrazal (Volunteer) * Jheckpesino (Volunteer) * Brazal.dang (Co-organizer)