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A collaboration between the francophone groups of the Wikimedia movement



In 2012, a first francophone chapters meeting was held at Wikimania Washington to present projects and exchange new ideas. Among the countries represented at this meeting were Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Tunisia. It was during this meeting that a collaboration between french speaking affiliates became evident.

At Wikimania Hong Kong in 2013, french speaking affiliates and wikimedians had a second meeting, where WikiFranca was formalized into existence and a coordinator was elected. The first global project was organized in October 2013, called Mois international de la contribution francophone (International Francophone Contribution Month) where 26 workshops took place in 21 cities around the world. The event had a worldwide media coverage and as the years went on, new affiliates or informal groups of editors joined WikiFranca, participated in the francophone month of contribution and added to the event. In 2019 70 workshops and presentations (in French) were registered on the campaign, gathering about 1200 people in 17 different countries.

The WikiConvention Francophone was first organized in 2016 as a response to the need for french speaking wikimedians to meet at an event where English wasn't required, and for people setting up new wikimedian communities to learn from their peers and get a motivation and confidence boost. The event has proved quite efficient in both aspects, and we recently added learning days to it in order to strengthen capacity building. It is also during the wikiconvention that the most important decisions about structuring WikiFranca usually take place.

The decision to become a usergroup was voted during the 2019 WikiConvention francophone in Brussels.

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