Wiki Loves Africa/Guidelines for Participating Countries

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Basic steps to start[edit]

Below are some actions to consider working on with your team.

We really look forward to working with you on this project and getting some great results!

Here are some examples of the things you may do for a start:

  • Let your community know about the contest. Your local community can include local Wikip/medians and aligned Open Movement members (enthusiasts from Creative Commons, Open Street Map, Open Data, OER, etc.). Relevant links to provide include WLA on Meta, WLA on Commons, WLA on Twitter and WLA on Facebook, and a Facebook group for organizers.
  • Think about the events, meet ups and training sessions that you can do with your community during the contest. Make sure everyone knows about it.
  • Look for local partners: groups who might be key partners in spreading the word or hosting events.
  • If you are interested in hosting events around the project then and need funding before the 15th of December 2020, submit a rapid grant Suggested guidelines are here.
  • Join the Wiki Loves Africa mailing list [1] and African mailing list [2] for discussion and announcement
  • Get together a list of media contacts in your country that you think will be interested in talking about the competition. Contact them. What about holding a press conference ? or sending them a press release ?
  • Help select the jury: suggest judges who might be interested in taking part in the international contest (perhaps a locally celebrated photographer, chef, filmmaker or journalist).
  • Decide on whether you wish to host a national round of judging and prizes - if you do, you will need to organise the judges and the prizes.
  • Facebook has been set up - - please like this page - we will repost your info.
  • Twitter has been set up - @WikiLovesAfrica - please follow and link your tweets about the competition to our handle.
  • other suggestions ?


Grant is not mandatory to run a pretty successful activity, however that could boost your range and impact.

Wikimedia Foundation reserved December for the Wiki Loves Africa the Project/Rapid application, so have that in mind, and mind the deadline for applications, the 15th Dec.

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