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Wikimania 2016

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Esta páxina de Wikimania ta inactiva y caltiénse pol interés históricu. Si quies recibir les últimes noticies del Wikimania viniente, o xunite al alderique de la so planificación, puedes visitar el sitiu web oficial de la conferencia.

Resumes d'organización de Wikimania: Comparativa20052006200720082009201020112012201320142015201620172018201920202021202220232024202520262027

Wikimania 2016 foi la 12ª conferencia Wikimania, una actividá añal de la comunidá internacional de Wikimedia, y tuvo llugar en Esino Lario, ente'l 21 y 28 de xunu de 2016.[1]

This is a rough timeline for the Wikimania 2016 selection. Please note that these times may be subject to some revision. You should check back to the scheduled date of the item for which you're interested; or subscribe to mail:wikimania-l for announcements.

Deadline Milestone
August 2014 Wikimania 2016 jury call for volunteers
September 2014 Jury selection announced; Bidding officially opens
November 15 2014 23:59 UTC Deadline for Proposals to Host;

List of qualified proposals announced by Jury. All hosts should have adhered to guidelines in criteria section and have created a page on Meta.

November 20 – December 3, 2014 Public Question & Answer phase
December 1–15 2014 Conference Calls with Jury and bidding teams; deliberations.
by the end of 2014 Jury decision made; announcement of host city to bidders and public.

Actividaes asemeyaes

Llista d'actividaes onde l'audiencia podría coincidir cola de Wikimanía de más abaxo

  • WikiSym: les feches variaron, de recién, ente agostu y ochobre, y pal 2015 determinaráse por…
  • Desktop summit: les feches, de recién, moviéronse de … a …, y pal 2015 determinaránse por…
  • Open Knowledge Festival, en 2014 foi en Berlin ente'l 15–17 de xunetu.