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September 2014[edit]

September 1-September 7[edit]

Tuesday, September 2
Thursday, September 4
Friday, September 5

September 8-September 14[edit]

Monday, September 8
Tuesday, September 9
Wednesday, September 10
Thursday, September 11
Friday, September 12

September 15-September 21[edit]

Tuesday, September 16
Wednesday, September 17
Thursday, September 18
Friday, September 19

September 22-September 28[edit]

Monday, September 22
Tuesday, September 23
  • [Legal] Greek Wikipedia user wins key hearing in defamation case. (Michelle. Reviewed by Comms). Posted.
Wednesday, September 24
Thursday, September 25
  • [L10n] Round-table with editors of Catalan Wikipedia. (Runa Bhattacharjee) posted
ca. Tuesday, September 30

Sometime in September[edit]