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Wikimedia Blog/Calendar/2012/09

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September 2012

Tuesday, September 4
Wednesday, September 5
  • Blog [Global] Dispute Resolution post (Steven Zhang, reviewed by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Legal] Lawsuit post by Jay posted
Thursday, September 6
  • Blog [Tech] Internationalization team updates (Srikanth, reviewed by Guillaume) posted
Tuesday, September 11
  • Blog [Tech] Using the Wiki Loves Monuments App as a travel log (Philip, reviewed by Matthew) posted
Wednesday, September 12
  • Blog [Tech] HTML5 heads-up (Sam, reviewed by Guillaume)
ca. Tuesday, September 17
Tuesday, September 17
  • Blog [Tech]: Hardware/Server donation-decommission announcement (Chris / RobH, reviewed by Guillaume) posted
ca. Wednesday, September 19
Friday, September 21
  • Blog [Global] Maria Atilano editor profile (Elaine, reviewed by Matthew) draft posted
Monday, September 24
  • Blog [Tech/Research] "Is this thing on? Giving new Wikipedians feedback post-edit" draft (Steven and Dario for the E3 team, reviewed by Tilman) posted
  • Blog [Global]: Student profile: Helana and Mina (LiAnna) posted
Tuesday, September 25
Wednesday, September 26
  • Blog [WikiWomen]: Introducing the Wiki Women's Collaborative (Sarah and Siko, reviewed by Matthew posted
Thursday, September 27
Friday, September 28
  • Blog [Chapters]: Wikimedia Mexico edithon in museum focused on murals -- draft (Ivan Martinez, reviewed by Matthew)
sometime in September?